There are several worthwhile reasons to invest in a new turf field. After switching from natural grass to an artificial turf or synthetic court, you can expect fewer associated costs, enhanced playability, and an array of multipurpose benefits that positively influence every sport in your athletic department. 

Here’s how the right turf selection can enrich field playability, reduce player injury, and support the fundamentals of your team beyond the optimized surface conditions. 

Numerous Player Performance Benefits 

Enhanced athletic playability is easily achieved with a customizable turf. With built-in benefits of turf fields like predictable surface consistency, reliable traction, and mud-free conditions, the athletes can focus on the game, not dodging potholes, slipping in the mud, or dealing with unexpected game cancelations because of the weather. Additionally, when players can sprint, maneuver, and know what to expect with every step, the quality of every practice and game improves. 

Added Safety Is A Key Differentiator

Turf minimizes two primary sources of player injury; forceful ground impacts and tripping hazards caused by uneven and slippery field conditions. 

To reduce joint and cranial injuries, many turf varieties feature ample infill cushioning to maximize shock absorption. There’s an array of infill depths available, with ultra-absorbent styles for contact sports and casual games, as well as firmer artificial turfs when sturdier ground contact is the priority. To find the perfect synthetic grass for your soccer field, baseball diamond, or mixed sporting upgrade, our pros at Keystone Sports will help you compare the best styles side-by-side. 

To prevent slip-and-fall injuries and twisted ankles, a new football, soccer, or baseball field’s foundation is expertly leveled before installation. The result is a smooth and streamlined playing surface. And, thanks to the advanced drainage/drying of turf, factors like weeds, mud, and water accumulation are significantly reduced. 

Turf Supports Your Practice & Tournament Schedule

Turf’s incredible durability and ease of maintenance equals more time on the field. Since turf dries quickly and reduces maintenance downtime (no weekly lawn are crews necessary!), it only makes sense that your field will be ready for action whenever your team needs it. 

Your new turf football field is also designed to last; the proven durability of our turf styles can stand up to excessive and constant use, providing long-term consistency that makes it possible to expand your practice and tournament schedule accordingly. 

Fewer Facility Costs Benefit Your Team 

Reducing utility expenses, cutting labor costs, and minimizing maintenance needs with turf will empower you to allocate more of the budget for your team’s betterment. With the long-term savings that come from your artificial turf baseball field, you can purchase better practice gear, add facility improvements like safety netting, or boost your team’s morale with a new set of jerseys! 

All of these benefits are amplified when you choose an experienced and capable turf partner. At Keystone Sports, our goal is to help your team excel with safe, affordable, and expertly-installed turf that brings out the best in your facility.