Turf solutions designed to stand up to the challenging game of lacrosse.

With the intensity of football and the non-stop play of soccer, lacrosse demands a level of
surface consistency, maneuverability, and player safety that’s second to none.

Keystone Sports Construction provides high quality customized turf solutions that stand up to the non-stop endurance requirements of the lacrosse game.

Synthetic lacrosse turf surfaces from Keystone Sports Construction:

  • Stand up to heavy wear in goal crease areas and face-off locations, delivering precision field performance
  • Feature Balanced Matrix engineering, with fibers equally spaced, for a level of consistency and ball interaction that simulates the feel and response of living grass
  • Infill mixtures customized to specific field requirements and engineered for optimal shock absorption and extended field life, while controlling overall field speed and how the ball will respond to the surface.
  • Are manufactured in the USA by Turf Nation, with 100% American-made components

Manufactured for unmatched performance and safety:

  • Turf fibers produced using industry leading resins and UV stabilizers
  • Titanium shield primary backing
  • Premium grade urethane coating to ensure a superior tuft bind
  • Tested at the highest levels of competition

The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse has trusted synthetic surfaces for several Final Four competitions over the last decade. From professional to recreational, synthetic turf is suitable for even the most competitive lacrosse programs.

Artificial turf solutions from Keystone Sports Construction are engineered specifically for the sport of lacrosse, allowing players to cut, accelerate, and maneuver with the intense precision the game requires.

Suggested Products

Lacrosse Field Turf


Dual Fiber System – Affordable and Durable

The TN-46-SM to be an affordable dual fiber system. Incorporating the perfect balance of high grade monofilament and slit film fibers, the TN-46-SM features maximum player safety, optimal multi-use performance and durable.

Lacrosse Field Turf Maintenance


Stadium Surface

The TN-52-S surface is engineered to be an excellent slit-film stadium grade surface, firm and fast. TN-52-S surfaces are purposefully designed to enhance player performance and maximize player safety.

Lacrosse Field Turf repair


Dual Fiber – Dynamic Sports Use

The SN69 is a dual fibber system which incorporates the perfect balance of high grade mono lament and slit lm bers. SN69 is an advanced hybrid ber system that features Micro Bed PS which acts as a sustainable region to improve the product’s durability.

Lacrosse Field Turf Installation


Professional Grade Stadium Surface

The S5 surface is engineered to be the ultimate professional grade surface, firm and fast. S5 surfaces are purposefully designed to optimize player performance and maximize player safety. The S5 surface features the TRUE Fiber technology and incorporates the Titanium Backing System. Available in the 4K-HD coloration.

Your Trusted Source for Quality Turf

Keystone is an Authorized Dealer for TURF NATION, a U.S. manufacturer of synthetic turf systems trusted by the nation’s most highly regarded teams, facilities and events:

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