FIFA Certified soccer turf solutions engineered to preserve the integrity of the same


The nearly constant interplay between ball and surface on a soccer field requires a synthetic turf surface that delivers an authentic ball response and consistent playability. Keystone Sports Construction provides customized synthetic turf surfaces that help both new and existing soccer facilities across the northeast US meet the rigorous playability and safety demands of the sport.

Our artificial soccer turf solutions feature:

  • The footing, ball reaction, and playing characteristics of natural grass, allowing players to pass, slide tackle, dribble, and shoot with consistency and safety.
  • Balanced Matrix design, with fibers spaced equally in all directions, ensuring the ball’s trajectory, speed, and spin will not be altered by its interaction with the surface.
  • Infill mixtures customized to specific field requirements and engineered for impact absorption and extended field life, while controlling overall field speed and how the ball will respond to the surface.
  • Superior products, manufactured in the USA by AstroTurf with 100% American-made components

Manufactured for unmatched performance and safety:

  • Turf fibers produced using industry leading resins and UV stabilizers
  • Titanium shield primary backing
  • Premium grade urethane coating to ensure a superior tuft bind
  • Tested at the highest levels of competition, including professional soccer stadiums

Soccer is among the fastest growing sports in the world. The steady increase in soccer participants and enthusiasts has placed pressure on stadiums and recreational facilities to meet the higher standards of field performance that artificial turf provides. Synthetic turf solutions from Keystone Sports Construction are engineered for safety, longer lifespan, lower maintenance and a smoother game experience.

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Suggested Products

Rhino SF

Rhino SF 42

Affordable Sports Surface

AstroTurf Rhino SF 42 is engineered to be the perfect balance of firm and fast. Available in various pile heights, Rhino SF 42 products are designed to enhance player safety. Rhino SF 42 grants your athletes the self-confidence they need to perform to their maximum potential.

Rhino SF

Rhino SF 48

Stadium Surface

The AstroTurf Rhino SF 48 surface is engineered to be an excellent slit-film stadium grade surface, firm and fast. Rhino SF 48 surfaces are purposefully designed to enhance player performance and maximize player safety.


Rhino Blend 48

Perfect Balance

AstroTurf Rhino Blend 48 is engineered to be the perfect balance of firm and fast. Rhino Blend products are an excellent balance between slit film and monofilament fibers.


LigaTurf RootZone

FIFA Certified Pro Surface

The LigaTurf RootZone series is engineered to be the ultimate professional grade surface. LigaTurf RootZone 3D surfaces are purposefully designed to optimize player performance and maximize player safety and many are FIFA certified. The LigaTurf RootZone series features Trionic fibers and nylon RootZone material.

Synthetic Turf Installation For Soccer Fields

Artificial Turf Soccer FieldsIf you have ever watched or played a game of soccer, you know that it’s an intense sport and there’s a ton of ground covered during play. Whether you are looking to install an artificial soccer field for games or for practice, you need to make sure the needs of your players are always met. The main goal for many people who are looking to create a synthetic soccer field is making it feel as similar to traditional grass blades as possible.

Many people don’t know the benefits of having artificial soccer turf instead of a traditional grass field. Natural grass simply cannot remain lush and resilient if used more than four days a week, in bad weather, or during the months when grass doesn’t grow. Grass fields are also less eco-friendly, require a lot of upkeep, and are costlier over time. A synthetic soccer field is ideal for your players, for the environment, and for cost purposes. Whether you are looking for outdoor artificial soccer turf or have an indoor turf project , you need to know that the installation and maintenance of your field have been completed to the highest levels of quality.

Our company uses the highest quality polyethylene resin to construct our turf fibers, instead of the inferior levels of quality often used by other companies. Although we manufacture all of our turfs the same way, with unmatched performance and safety, soccer turf and football turf are among the most popular installations.

Artificial Turf For Soccer Fields

Soccer is a game that requires a true roll of the ball and only the highest quality synthetic soccer field can replicate the way a ball moves on traditional grass, while removing the high levels of maintenance required. You will need to conduct some maintenance when you use artificial soccer turf, but this is more to make sure no damage is being caused by the heavy foot traffic tied to the game of soccer and the use of the artificial soccer field.

You should be aware of the possibility of damage to your artificial soccer field, but this can largely be avoided with regular inspections and assessments of whether the level of infill is the same as it was at the time of installation. Whether you are looking to use an artificial soccer field for your team or are simply looking to make sure local teams have more play time with a synthetic soccer field made with high-quality soccer turf, it will remain a great option for years to come.

From the moment your soccer turf is installed, you need to make sure your field provides the correct levels of support and cushioning. The true roll of the ball is vital to your artificial soccer field because you need to be sure every area on the field keeps the integrity of the game throughout. The evolution of artificial soccer turf has been consistent in the last few years with international games played on a synthetic field in many areas of the world, as the game benefits from this form of soccer turf at all levels.

Astroturf Soccer Field Installations

BC Soccer

Boston College Soccer Field


Stanford University Soccer Field


Central Michigan University Soccer Field

Evergreen Sportsplex

Evergreen Sportsplex Soccer Fields

Choose Your Sport

Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.


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