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At Keystone Sports Construction, we offer tennis court installation, resurfacing and repair. Tennis courts have become widely used playing surfaces by schools, local parks and gyms across the country. Whether you’re looking for asphalt courts, synthetic turf courts or fast dry (Har-Tru) courts, we can help build a tennis court that is ideal for your needs at an affordable installation cost.

Tennis Court Installation

Tennis Court Installation and Tennis Court Cost

At Keystone, we can build a tennis court that is tailored to your individual preferences and needs. Our team will be with you from conception to completion of the project. We take everything into account when we build a tennis court, including your budget. Our contractors are available to give you a free estimate of the tennis court cost. Some tennis court installation projects can be costly, but we can create a cost-effective plan that will fit into your budget, all while giving you exactly what you want.

  • Our tennis court costs cannot be beaten by other companies
  • Our tennis courts are practical and affordable while giving you a high-quality product.
  • We’re the best choice for your tennis court installation because we listen to your ideas and collaborate to come up with the best-finished product for you, all while taking the tennis court cost and your budget into account

Tennis Court Surfaces

Our tennis court surface is built to enhance performance and reduce injury risk. There are benefits to each type of tennis court playing surface. Tennis court surface options include clay courts or Har-Tur synthetics, asphalt and concrete courts, and synthetic turf courts.

Benefits of Clay Courts

A benefit of fast-dry clay courts is increased water absorption, allowing you to play through light rain. Fast-dry courts also maintain a cooler temperature than other options. Clay courts reduce the impact on joints and are overall easier on the body, which lowers the risk of injury. Another major benefit to these types of tennis courts is that the ball bounces slower than it would on other playing surfaces. This creates a more controlled game, giving the players more time to execute movements and improve their technical skills.

Why Choose Synthetic Turf

Some people opt for synthetic turf courts over traditional grass courts. These tennis courts are softer than other playing surfaces, which places much less strain on the legs and arms. Synthetic turf courts are also low maintenance while looking and playing similar to traditional grass courts.

  • Asphalt and concrete courts provide a durable, highly stable surface for fast action, high bounces and ball control.
  • These types of tennis courts are ideal for tennis players with a higher skill level. Asphalt and concrete courts also provide year-round playability and are a cost-effective option.

If you’re looking for asphalt, Har-Tru or synthetic turf court installation, we can give you high quality, durable tennis courts at an affordable cost. These courts all require less maintenance than traditional grass courts in the long run.

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Tennis Court Resurfacing

When we build a tennis court, they’re built to last. However, tennis court resurfacing will be necessary if you have your tennis court for a long time. Tennis court resurfacing helps protect the surface from damage and seals any cracks in the playing surface. Tennis court resurfacing isn’t something that should happen often, but it’s important to keep an eye on your tennis courts regularly after installation to make sure it’s in optimal playing condition.

Lower Cost

Surface Cracks

Along with tennis court resurfacing, we can provide a number of other tennis court repair services if needed. Sometimes, your tennis courts will have a crack in the surface or structure that will need repair. Surface cracks are an easy fix, whereas structural cracks will lead to resurfacing the court.

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Another common tennis court repair is re-coating. Over time, colors and lines on these tennis courts will fade due to exposure to the sun. This tennis court repair is a quick fix that can last for several years.

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Other tennis court repairs include bubbling or blistering of the surface.

Multiple Sports

Rust Spots

At Keystone Sports Construction, we can fix these repair or resurfacing issues quickly, efficiently and at an affordable cost to you.

Tennis Court Installation with Keystone

Keystone Sports Construction is among the top installation and repair companies in the area for all sports surfaces. Trust Keystone for all of your tennis court needs, from installation, repair, resurfacing and managing your tennis court costs. If you’re looking to build a tennis court or if you need court resurfacing, get in touch with us today to get started on the project.

Choose Your Sport

Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.

Choose Your Sport

Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.





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