State-of-the-art artificial grass systems boast incredible longevity, ease of upkeep, and versatile surface performance. When combined with cutting-edge maintenance solutions, the inherent benefits of artificial turf are further amplified. The newest synthetic turf care and maintenance systems have automated infill management, simplified field cleaning, and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in material performance and player safety. 

Are you wondering how you can streamline your own maintenance processes? As a facility owner or manager, any investment in optimal maintenance practices is an investment in operational success, guest satisfaction, and athletic enjoyment. If you have been searching for a better way to maintain an inviting and player-safe facility, here are some of the latest technologies to enhance the performance, visual appeal, and longevity of your valuable turf surfaces. 

Modern Field Grooming is Changing the Game

A consistent artificial grass grooming plan is one of the easiest ways to prevent premature wear and material failure. Fortunately, efficient systems like the SMG Sports Champ have replaced laborious processes like manual brushing. Our riding maintenance systems take the guesswork out of all field grooming projects by providing the following: 

  • Professional fiber alignment: The SMG Sports Champ gently realigns artificial grasses with uniform precision. Before premature wear patterns and uneven infill distribution begin to erode the base layers of your artificial turf, our affordable grooming services improve surface traction and enhance longevity with each quick and complete service. 
  • Comprehensive turf cleaning: While we’re restoring the alignment of your fibers, our tactical cleaning equipment captures debris and other unwanted contaminants that have become embedded within the infill. Unlike damaging rotary brushes or time-consuming manual cleaning processes that only result in partial cleaning, our modern systems are professionally engineered to preserve the integrity of the turf fibers while providing a hygienic and like-new surface finish.
  • Consistent infill management: Our smart cleaning and debris removal systems also loosen and redistribute displaced infill. By investing in routine infill decompaction and leveling, surface performance and player-safe shock absorption is restored. 

Professional Impact Testing & Infill Refilling Are Simple & Cost-Effective Ways to Maximize Field Performance

Establish an objective blueprint for maintenance success by powering your field maintenance plan with these must-have services. Knowledge is power, and our 40-point infill depth and quality testing service at Keystone Sports Construction is the easiest way to mitigate a premature turf replacement. With sophisticated depth and shock absorption testing equipment, we can empower your team with factual data about the health and needs of your field. Instead of hoping and guessing that you are properly caring for your field, our in-depth evaluations ensure that your maintenance plan is on track for success. 

If low infill levels or extensive wear-and-tear is identified, our budget-friendly refill services can add years of utility and like-new impact safety to your field. 

Innovative Maintenance Solutions to Consider

Revolutionary technologies such as UV disinfection, cooling systems, infill catchment systems, and other creative solutions continue to redefine modern turf maintenance plans. Other smart solutions like field barriers, netting, and updating facility security protocols can also contribute to a long-term reduction in costly maintenance tasks. 

Since field location, budget, and other factors related to each facility’s unique layout determine which maintenance solutions make sense, each maintenance plan should be addressed on a case-by-case basis. How can you decide which maintenance updates are worth your consideration? Our problem-solving specialists at Keystone Sports are happy to help you evaluate and resolve any gaps in your maintenance plan. 

If your current maintenance plan is costly, poorly managed, or your field conditions are less than desirable, our experienced maintenance professionals are here to optimize your facility upkeep plan from the ground up. Our organized contractors are focused on budget-friendly, efficient, and practical solutions that make the most sense for your facility and long-term operational objectives. 

To learn more, get in touch with Keystone Sports for cost-saving and cutting-edge maintenance recommendations today.