Before the athletes and guests arrive, integrating proactive field improvements and fan-friendly amenities is a surefire way to attract repeat ticket sales and impress visiting teams. First impressions matter, and so do the looks, playability, and quality-of-life features you have to offer. 

As you prepare for your upcoming events and tournaments, implement any of these constructive ideas and everyone wins. If you’re ready to take your facility to the next level of athleticism and style, here are some of the most popular pre-game improvements our sports facility contractors can help you integrate. 

Field Performance and Aesthetics: The Top Priorities

As the backdrop for every game, the importance of caring for your turf surfaces cannot be overstated.

The quality of your field is a direct reflection of how your facility is managed, and lackluster surface aesthetics immediately diminish the professionalism of your arena. Whether your  soccer field’s synthetic grass needs a makeover or you’re still managing costly and hard-to-maintain natural surfaces, there are several steps you can take to update the appeal and performance of your surfaces: 

Switch from Natural Grass to Artificial Turf

Vivid and easy-to-maintain artificial turf equals simplified surface style. Instead of dealing with dangerous potholes, muddy conditions, and unruly grass growth, artificial grass requires a fraction of the upkeep, drains quickly, and is engineered to retain a bright and attractive appeal for years to come. 

Invest in Professional Grooming Services

A restorative field grooming service is a cost-effective solution that refreshes the appearance and improves athletic performance. Our grooming systems at Keystone Sports Construction remove deeply embedded debris while rebalancing infill and realigning the fibers for a like-new surface finish that’s ready for game time. 

Update Your Field Striping and Logos

The final touches can make or break the overall look of your field. Like turf grooming, restriping your field is a quick and easy process that can instantly amplify the playability and visual appeal of your arena. From creative custom logos to multi-sport striping that’s customized to your exact field requirements, our pros at Keystone Sports make it easy to refresh the attractive finish of your field. 

Seek Proactive Maintenance and Repairs

Even the toughest materials are prone to material degradation and damage. Before small tears in the turf or heavy-use traffic patterns progress further, get in touch with our specialists for cost-saving sectional fixes. After we repair any priority issues, our accessible maintenance crew provides turn-key support for infill management, impact testing, and other vital maintenance services to keep your facility in pristine condition. 

Add Smart and Stylish Safety Features

After updating your field, it’s time to consider the safety features. Is your facility properly equipped with fan-safety netting, sports barriers, and other considerate features to protect your guests from stray balls and injury risks? Is your lighting and security scheme optimized for facility protection and field visibility? A few low-cost safety and security upgrades are all it takes to establish a foundation of player, guest, and staff safety. 

Alongside our customizable artificial turf installations in Philadelphia, we support our facility partners with advanced netting solutions and other must-have safety upgrades to prepare for successful seasons. To support practice and tournament safety for sports of every kind, get in touch with our safety experts at Keystone Sports Construction to learn more about portable nets, permanent installations, or a mix of highly transparent and durable netting solutions that stop foul balls, punts, and soccer balls with certainty. 

Consider Other Quality-of-Life Improvements

While preparing for the upcoming season, consider other aspects of your facility that might need improvement. Other possible facility improvement needs may include:

  • Facility hygiene practices
  • Concession quality and variety
  • Accessibility features like wheelchair accommodations
  • Seating quality and fan-comfort features like shading

Searching for a collaborative partner to help you integrate any of the facility improvements outlined above? Get in touch with our experts at Keystone Sports Construction and consider your improvement goals accomplished.