Our Gym Turf

We offer a variety of premiere gym turf systems that can be tailored to meet your facility’s specific needs.

Gym Turf for Crossfit

We offer both infilled and non-infilled gym turf systems with the following options:

  • Agility ladders
  • Agility dots
  • Custom designs and logos
  • Custom colors
  • Foam padding underlayment

Our commercial turf flooring/gym turf surfaces are perfect for any indoor use and can be configured to meet the needs of many different sports. Indoor gym turf / agility turf can be used for pre-season training or other intense workouts. This athletic turf is available for use every day of the year, day and night, and is incredibly durable to withstand excessive wear.

Crossfit is incredibly intense and requires a workout turf that can hold up to the demands of training. Crossfit turf must allow athletes to pivot, turn and stretch with ease. Our non-infilled turf systems can be ordered with additional padding to absorb the shock of heavy weights and to reduce the amount of pressure on knees and ankles. Workout turf for crossfit is the safest option because it prevents wear and tear on joints and reduces injury risk.

Crossfit turf doesn’t just benefit the body, it benefits the ground it’s installed on. With gym turf for crossfit, the weights will not harm or damage the surface when dropped. The gym turf also is less noisy to workout on.

From your athlete’s health, the range of exercises that you’ll be able to achieve, there are many benefits to installing crossfit turf in your facility. It’s an excellent workout turf and provides the most important thing: safety.

Our Gym Rubber Flooring

Rubber gym flooring installation is becoming more popular as gym and fitness center owners realize its many benefits. These benefits include: injury prevention, versatility, durability and noise reduction.

We offer the highest quality rubber gym flooring surfaces that:

  • Don’t require coating
  • Offer easy maintenance
  • Are ADA compliant
  • Are Extremely durable

Rubber gym flooring offers cushioning and shock absorption that regular gym flooring doesn’t offer. This is perfect weightlifting flooring because weights are often dropped, and the rubber floor protects from damage to the equipment.

rubber gym flooring

Keystone Sports Construction offers commercial gym flooring installation for gyms, weight rooms and many other places to give you injury prevention, durability, versatility and much more.

Benefits Of Our Rubber Flooring


Rubber gym flooring is also non-slip, easy to maintain and needs little attention when properly installed. Indoor sports need rubber gym flooring to provide a level of safety.

Long Lifespan

Rubber gym flooring offers a long lifespan, is able to withstand heavy foot-traffic, the weight of machinery and equipment, making it a great option for weightlifting flooring.


Out of the many benefits rubber gym flooring has, versatility is a high selling point. Rubber gym flooring comes in a wide array of colors and styles to match your desired look.

Noise Reduction

Rubber gym flooring installation also offers noise reduction. Gyms are typically louder environments, where sound bounces off the walls when weights are dropped.

If you’re in need of gym flooring installation, reach out to our team at Keystone Sports Construction.

Rubber gym flooring is beneficial for gyms and weight room facilities, because of its durability and non-slip properties. Rubber gym flooring also has absorption properties that are great for those looking to work out frequently without putting extra stress on their joints. Normal gym flooring doesn’t have those same shock absorbing properties that add an extra level of protection for athletes.

Besides rubber gym flooring, we also offer gym turf installation. This is the ideal workout turf for indoor gyms because it provides a non-slip surface as well as additional padding. Our workout turf is great for pre season training or practicing indoors during inclement weather. Many facilities have been getting workout turf installed for all of its benefits and convenience.

Gym turf is especially great for crossfit. Our crossfit turf allows anyone to work out effortlessly and without any issue. If you’re interested in installing crossfit turf at your gym, let us know!

For all of your gym flooring installation needs, contact Keystone Sports Construction. We sell and install both rubber gym flooring and gym turf for indoor facilities. For a quote on our gym flooring installation services or for any questions, reach out to our team and we can assist you immediately.

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