If you are part of a community group and reviewing ideas to bring the community together, few ideas will accomplish your goals in the same way as creating a sports field will. Sports fields can give your community’s athletes a place to play, and the field can also be used as gathering places for other events. There are many uses for a community field, including carnivals, concerts, and flea markets. Once the field exists, community members can rent it for family gatherings or everyday uses like dog walking or picnics.

Advantages of a Community Field

The possibilities for these community fields can be endless. The members of your community are likely to have untapped resources for creativity, which can emerge once there is a venue for them to display it. The central activity of the field may be for sports matches, but your community members can come to see the field as a place where each community member’s interests can be realized.

You may be concerned about lawn care with a sports field, but installing artificial turf will eliminate that potential problem. Synthetic turf is a long-term investment since revenue from sports matches and field rentals will cover your cost and become a consistent source of income. Your price for an artificial turf installation will depend on your area’s climate, environmental factors, the field’s expected usage, and size.

Financial Advantages of Artificial Turf

Many of the advantages of installing turf are financial. You’ll save the cost of maintenance for a lawn. You won’t have to pay anyone to trim the grass or apply lawn growth chemicals. Turf doesn’t require pesticides, which is also an environmental advantage. Installing a turf field means you won’t have to worry about bad weather ruining your grass field.

You’ll make another contribution to the environment with turf because you won’t have to use water to irrigate your grass field. Our sources have shown that artificial turf fields can save between 500,000 and 100,000 gallons of water yearly compared to grass fields. Some communities have found that a turf field allows them to claim local tax credits for water conservation.

Experienced Sports Field Creators

When you invest in artificial turf for your community field, you’ll want to find a team of experts to install it. Our company has been designing sports fields for satisfied area clients since 2013, and we encourage you to contact us at Keystone Sports Construction about your Astroturf field creation. We will listen to your vision for your community’s space and work with you to design a field your community can be proud of. We will customize each field to meet each client’s wishes and go out of our way to meet your needs.

Keep in mind that having a community sports field will also allow you to form one or more community sports leagues. At Keystone, we can design fields for all types of sports, including designs for tennis courts and walking tracks. If your community wants an Astroturf football field, we will select turf designed for endurance and ready to absorb maximum impact. We use premium urethane coating and titanium backing for extra resistance power, and we pay special attention to the field area between the center hash marks.

Call Us Today to Discuss Your Community Field

If you’re seeking reliable baseball field construction companies, there’s none better than Keystone Sports Construction. Our artificial turf for baseball or softball fields will give you a field with natural grass’s look, feel, and responsiveness. Our baseball field turf uses superior resins, U-V blocking, and titanium backing. Call us today to discuss your community’s needs for an artificial turf field.