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In addition to construction and installation of synthetic turf fields, Keystone Sports Construction offers field maintenance and repair services for existing synthetic turf sports fields. Making maintenance and repair services a top priority is essential to keeping the synthetic turf fields in ideal playing condition. Proper maintenance and repairs are critical to extending the lifespan of artificial turf fields, preventing small issues from becoming major problems, and in turn expensive repairs.

Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance Services

Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance Services

With industry-leading technicians, materials, and methods, Keystone Sports Construction provides a clear advantage for facility owners and managers. This ensures an outstanding client experience when dealing with all synthetic turf field systems.

Frequently requested maintenance services:

Infill Levels: The crumb rubber infill provides a low-impact, durable, and resilient level of protection. Keystone assures optimal playing conditions on your synthetic turf field by ensuring the infill layer is consistent in depth and compaction over the entire turf field. Keystone Sports Construction performs depth measurements, compaction testing, and a turf fiber analysis to ensure that your infill is properly maintained, and your synthetic turf field is in prime playing condition.

Inspections and Surveys: A synthetic turf field system is designed with multiple components that work together but serve separate functions. Keystone Sports Construction performs detailed inspections of the synthetic turf infill, inlays, seams, transition areas, and edge details to identify any potential sources of safety or performance concerns. Detailed inspections of every component of your synthetic turf field system will not only extend the life of your product by identifying issues before they escalate into larger repairs, but the surveys will also ensure that your sports field is in prime condition for all to enjoy.

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Artificial Turf Maintenance

Synthetic turf fields offer many advantages over natural turf fields, but a key advantage is the sustainability of the extended lifespan of synthetic turf fields. To fully reap the benefits of synthetic turf products for the long-term sports field solutions for which they are designed, routine maintenance and repairs should be performed by experienced turf field professionals, specializing in synthetic turf. Keystone Sports Construction has the experience and technical expertise to perform a detailed survey of the existing synthetic turf field system, identifying opportunities to improve your field condition and extend the usability of your synthetic products. KSC is then able to perform the maintenance, based upon the findings from the survey.

  • Field Grooming
  • Most synthetic turf fields should be groomed every 80 to 200 hours of field use to stand up fibers and level the infill. Routine Artificial Turf Field Grooming simultaneously achieves three objectives:

    • Keeps impregnated layer uniform in its distribution
    • Ensures that the exposed part of the fiber is uniform in its direction and stays erect
    • Helps remove litter, leaves, dirt, etc.

    The realized benefits from routine brushing are:

    • Consistent footing and ball performance throughout the surface
    • Maximum aesthetic appeal
    • Lengthened field life expectancy
  • Field Cleaning & Debris Removal
  • Keystone Sports Construction uses the SMG SportChamp for all its field maintenance. The SMG SportChamp is a revolutionary machine that has transformed the maintenance of synthetic sports surfaces. It is the leading machine in the world market and is considered the solution for the maintenance of different synthetic sport surfaces within a sports facility. With its ability to clean and maintain synthetic sport surfaces, the SportChamp has become an essential tool for sports facilities around the world.

    The SportChamp is equipped with different attachments that allow it to clean and maintain synthetic sport surfaces according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It can also go beyond that to provide an efficient and economic upkeep of the surface. With its rotary brush, the SportChamp levels the infill material of filled surfaces during weekly use. This eliminates contamination at the same time and loosens the infill material. The fibre is then put upright again, ensuring that the surface is in top condition for athletes to use.

    The SportChamp’s extraction system is another feature that makes it stand out. Loose fibres on the turf and even well-rehearsed fine dirt are vacuumed into a large-volume filter box during the surface maintenance. The filter unit is controlled automatically and cleaned within minutes. It is then evacuated, controlled hydraulically, and conveniently done while sitting on the driver seat.

    The SportChamp has numerous attachments that facilitate and expedite the necessary maintenance tasks. These attachments include tools for the winter services, refilling of infill material, removal of leaves, loosening of extreme compaction, and spraying of care products. The application area of the SportChamp is also enlarged by additional attachments for non-infilled artificial turf, synthetic sports surfaces, or sidewalks. This makes it a multifunctional care and maintenance machine for your sports facility.
    In addition to its classic weekly maintenance tasks, the SMG SportChamp can also carry out the annual basic and deep cleaning. This ensures that the synthetic sports surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and maintained, and athletes can continue to use them safely and efficiently.

    In conclusion, the SMG SportChamp is a game-changer in the world of sports facility maintenance. Its advanced technology, versatile attachments, and efficient cleaning abilities make it a must-have for any sports facility that wants to keep its synthetic sports surfaces in top condition. The SportChamp is the leading machine in the world market and continues to provide excellent service to sports facilities around the globe.

  • Infill Decompaction
  • Synthetic turf fields can compact over time depending on the infill system, fiber, and climate. Decompaction should be performed in most fields annually. Decompaction of the infill surface helps keep the playing surface from exceeding acceptable G-Max levels.

  • 40-Point Infill Depth Tests
  • The crumb rubber infill provides a low-impact, durable, and resilient level of protection. To ensure optimal playing conditions on your synthetic turf field, infill levels must be properly maintained. Ensuring the infill layer is consistent in depth and compaction over the entire turf field is an important component for consistent footing, ball performance, and player safety. Keystone Sports Construction performs infill depth measurements, compaction (Gmax) testing, and turf fiber analysis to ensure that your field is properly maintained, and your synthetic turf field is in prime playing condition.

  • Infill Replenishment
  • Artificial turf fields loose on average 5% of the infill system annually. If infill levels drop below the recommended levels, Keystone Sports Construction can furnish and install additional infill. With most systems, this involves topdressing with rubber infill. In the event that the surface becomes too soft. Sand infill replenishment can help firm up the playing surface. Keystone also offers replenishment services for systems utilizing alternative infills.

    Gmax Testing

    At Keystone Sports Construction, we offer Gmax testing. This test method covers the measurement of certain shock-absorbing characteristics and the rebound properties of the turf surface systems. In other words, it tests how hard the turf surface is and the amount of force it absorbs upon impact. The higher the Gmax score, the harder the surface is and the more force the field is returning to the athlete. This also means there’s a higher risk of injury. A high Gmax score can occur when the rubber infill has either thinned out or becomes severely compressed beneath heavily used areas. A higher Gmax result is also more common as a field ages, but can happen at any point in the turf’s lifespan. It’s important to receive Gmax testing annually to make sure your turf is in good condition.  If your field is aging or needs to be inspected, choose a reliable and trusted turf company like Keystone Sports Construction to perform Gmax testing for your turf field.

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    Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.


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