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Synthetic turf fields offer many advantages over natural turf fields, but a key advantage is the sustainability of the extended lifespan of synthetic turf fields. To fully reap the benefits of synthetic turf products for the long-term sports field solutions for which they are designed, routine maintenance and repairs should be performed by experienced sports construction professionals, specializing in synthetic turf. Keystone Sports Construction has the experience and technical expertise to perform a detailed survey of the existing synthetic turf field system, identifying opportunities to improve your field condition and extend the usability of your synthetic products. KSC is then able to preform the maintenance, based upon the findings from the survey.

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Synthetic Turf Field Repair Services

Keystone Sports Construction has extensive experience working with a broad range of synthetic turf field systems, their design standards, and their manufacturers. If your synthetic turf field is damaged and needs repair services, our team of experienced technicians can provide the repairs needed to return your synthetic turf field to its optimal level of performance. Keystone Sports Construction can help with most synthetic turf field repair issues, whether KSC installed the product or not. Below is the list of our most common repair services:

Infill Repairs: If the infill levels of your synthetic turf field are compacted and uneven, Keystone Sports Construction offers infill de-compaction and leveling services to return the infill level to the even, consistent state of its design. This will ensure that your synthetic turf field in in the optimal state to keep athletes safe and provide the best playing conditions possible.

Field Cleaning & Contaminate Removal: Keystone Sports Construction offers synthetic turf system grooming and loose fiber removal. Loose fiber removal ensures a strong fiber base to provide stability, traction, and durability to support the athletes for which the field was designed. Depending on the amount of usage, sports fields can collect a variety of remnants left over from athletes and their supporters. Keystone Sports Construction provides cleaning and contaminate removal services, including a magnet sweep, to remove items such as metal, mouth guards, plastic caps and trash, nut shells, cigarette butts, etc. This service will ensure your fields in optimal condition.

Inlay Repair: Depending on the age and quality of installation, panel seams, inlaid lines, lettering, and logos will sometimes become loose or detached from the field. This can expose athletes to potential injury and if identified should be addressed immediately.

Seam Repair:  Most artificial turf fields have seams every 15 feet. In the event of a seam rupture, you will see a separation between two panels. Seam repairs must be completed as soon as they are identified for both player safety and surface longevity.

Turf Replacement: Sometimes specific high traffic areas are beyond repair due to age or a lack of proper maintenance. In this situation, our team will cut out and replace these areas utilizing existing attic stock. If attic stock isn’t available, we will furnish new synthetic turf to utilize for the repair.

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Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.

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Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.





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