Looking for a new or revitalized pickleball court that is joint-friendly, enjoyable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues? Look no further! Keystone Sports Construction is here to provide you with a seamless pickleball court design and installation experience. We take away all the uncertainties involved in the process. As your trusted partner, we offer expert design advice and an extensive range of surface materials, colors, and facility-specific enhancements.

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Why Work With Keystone Sports Construction?

When you trust your project to Keystone, our pickleball construction services are all-encompassing:

  • Planning
  • Design and Permitting
  • Engineering
  • Paving
  • Surfacing
  • Construction of Add-On Components
  • Line Painting and Striping

With our seasoned pickleball court construction team behind your next update, you’ll have direct access to a wealth of cost-saving, durable, and eye-catching options. Starting with the best pickleball court design assistance, careful planning and consideration for a range of desirable pickleball court attribute ensure that the perfect installation is achieved the first time. We’ll walk you through the differences between our best pickleball court surface options, discuss how we can support your anticipated athletic needs, and support your project goals with adaptable solutions like pickleball court fencing, outdoor lighting integration, and so much more.

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    Pickleball Court Installation For Several Different Venues

    Due to the space-efficient nature of pickleball court installations, we are able to offer our expertise in upgrading both indoor and outdoor facilities in a wide range of settings. If you’re interested in turning an outdoor basketball or tennis court into affordable pickleball courts for engaging community events, we are here to help. Additionally, if you’re planning to renovate a facility or school, we can transform any underutilized space, such as your indoor gym, by installing multiple pickleball courts.

    Pickleball is experiencing rapid growth as a sport, and the construction of new pickleball courts offers an excellent platform for athletes to compete. It fosters an active lifestyle among students and provides community members with a less physically demanding alternative compared to tennis. Our skilled contractors can leverage their comprehensive pickleball knowledge to optimize your space and deliver a high-quality playing surface. Overall, pickleball offers a multitude of advantages, including accessibility, physical fitness, social interaction, low impact, versatility, and a combination of strategy and fun. These factors contribute to its appeal and continued rise in popularity. Keystone is dedicated to helping you transform your space into a top-notch pickleball playing surface.

    pickleball before
    pickleball after

    Pickleball Courts

    Durable and great for faster pickleball court surface action, this type of pickleball court installation is best for competitive-level play. Since we provide all-inclusive pickleball court resurfacing, even if the asphalt or concrete at your facility has aged or cracked, our company’s pickleball court resurfacing services provide exceptional finishes that will leave your surfaces looking brand new and ready for years of reliable playability.

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    From the sturdiest surface materials to the perfectly placed pickleball court fencing, respect for your design preferences, athletic needs, and the project budget is always in focus at Keystone Sports Construction. Take a look at some of our previously completed projects, and preview our attention to lasting quality, stunning aesthetics, and adaptable diversity for beautiful facility updates of every kind. However we can introduce enhanced player safety, better performance, and more fun into your space, contact our pickleball experts for a free consultation today.

    Choose Your Sport

    Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.


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