Is your gym flooring scuffed, unsightly, or negatively impacting player performance? Whether you manage a fitness gym, a mixed-use facility, or a competitive indoor arena, every facility can benefit from a better plan of care. 

If you are planning a future gym flooring installation, this post will connect you with valuable tips to keep your new surfaces in peak condition for years to come. If your aging gym flooring is damaged, discolored, or a risk to player safety, take a few moments to explore these helpful recommendations related to gym flooring restorations and preservation. 

Routine Cleaning and Surface Care Strategies

Spend less on avoidable repair expenses and promote predictable surface performance by maintaining a consistent cleaning and surface care schedule. While the exact method of surface care depends on flooring type, regular sweeping, mopping, and spot cleaning protects your facility from: 

  • Bacterial accumulation and foul odors
  • Inconsistent traction issues caused by spills and grime accumulation
  • Premature material degradation; liquids and food products can lead to material warping, staining, cracking, and other avoidable surface risks
  • Surface impacts and tripping hazards; by removing trash, natural debris, and other foreign objects from the gym flooring surface, your increase athletic safety and reduce the risk of objects damaging surface materials

Depending on your surface type, you may also consider proactive protection strategies such as sealing and coating services. For example, if you manage a hardwood court, a professionally-applied polyurethane coating can be applied to defend the base hardwood from moisture, impacts, and surface scratching.

Cost-Effective Resurfacing Promotes Player Safety, Style, and Material Longevity

Even with routine cleaning and a dependable surface coating, the strongest laminates, coatings, and base materials eventually decompose. While resurfacing is not necessary for rubber flooring materials, hardwood courts do require resurfacing and refinishing on an intermittent basis. 

How do you know if it’s time for a hardwood resurface? Common signs that your gym flooring may be overdue for a refinish include:

  • Noticeable wear-and-tear in high-traffic areas
  • Uneven or warping sections of gym flooring
  • Discoloration and surface degradation 
  • Inconsistent foot traction or missing sections of coating

Fortunately, a quality hardwood gym floor can be resurfaced several times before replacement is required. If your flooring shows any of these common signs of wear-and-tear, our pros at Keystone Sports Construction will quickly help you determine if resurfacing or replacement is the most cost-effective option for your facility. 

Following a fresh hardwood resurfacing, your surfaces will be smoother, protected from impacts/moisture, and optimized for superior traction performance. And, the earlier you invest in resurfacing, the longer your flooring materials will last. Before premature wear-and-tear and gaps in your surface coating compromise the structural integrity of your gym flooring, get in touch with our resurfacing specialists at Keystone Sports Construction and restore your facility’s surface performance for a fraction of the cost of replacement. 

Benefits of Gym Flooring & Track Care

Even tough materials can be damaged by harsh equipment impacts, elemental exposure, and material age. If sections of your surfaces are weathered, lifting, or cracking, timely repairs and sectional replacements can preserve the integrity of all nearby materials. 

Furthermore, if there is lifting, cracking, or torn sections of the surfaces, structural issues related to moisture penetration, mildew formation, and fundamental structural issues can arise. Regardless of material type, if your upper layers have been compromised in any way, investing in preventative repairs equals long-term savings, material longevity, and optimal athletic safety. 

Have other questions or concerns related to gym flooring upkeep? Contact Keystone Sports Construction for gym flooring care simplified.