From the field to the fan-safety features, a few smart upgrades are all it takes to elevate the game and impress your guests. At Keystone Sports Construction, we look beyond the best indoor artificial turf. Our balanced approach to indoor facility design blends reliable performance with safety, innovation, and a welcoming aesthetic that inspires rising attendance figures. 

Ideal for indoor soccer arenas, tennis and pickleball clubs, multi-use courts, and even indoor running tracks, many of the best indoor upgrades offer versatile potential for many sports. If you’re hoping to expand your offerings, defend the budget, or improve the overall guest experience, consider any of these upgrades and everyone wins. 

Establish a Vibrant, Welcoming & Attractive Atmosphere 

While walking your facility, imagine you are a visiting athlete or first-time guest. Ask yourself, “What is your first impression and which additional features might improve your experience?”, or, “Does the lighting, interior design, and ambience exude professionalism, cleanliness, and positive energy?”. First impressions matter, especially if your sports facility depends on ticket sales, field rentals, or a membership plan. 

Before upgrading the scoreboard or replacing the artificial grass, there are several budget-friendly avenues you can take to brighten the appearance and establish a more welcoming energy:

  • Deep clean your facility; scrub the walls, groom the artificial grass, and polish all visible features
  • Install energy-efficient LED lights throughout the facility
  • Improve the air quality; consider introducing newer fans or upgrading your HVAC system if your facility is stuffy or hot
  • Repaint walls and refinish surfaces that have lost their appeal
  • Enrich the concession or dining areas with vivid signage and a fresh color scheme

At any time while evaluating or brainstorming improvements for your space, our cost-saving facility contractors can help you improve upon the plan. We can help you source affordable products, simplify the design, and install your preferred features with respect for your time, budget, and vision. 

Safety Improvements Can Pay for Themselves

Every renovation or new build should include multipurpose safety features that protect guests, athletes, and the facility itself. First and foremost, we recommend safety netting solutions. Both low-cost and easily-adapted to large arenas, individual courts, or smaller sections of workout turf, numerous advantages emerge. Whether your facility requires a permanent netting installation or you choose portable sports barrier netting to place strategically throughout the facility, your facility benefits from: 

  • Reduced risk of fan and athlete injury from misfired hits and kicks
  • Time savings by keeping the ball in play and the athletes on the field
  • Stronger and thinner netting solutions promote enhanced field/court visibility
  • Facility protection; protect your windows, concessions, and other valuable interior materials from impact damage

As important as around-the-field safety considerations, optimizing your access control solutions should be another top priority. Modern entryway systems can be accessed with badges/keycards, synchronized with an alarm system, and automated to lock/unlock at certain hours of the day. Taking it a step further, you can even consider incorporating other valuable facility security measures such as camera monitoring and an entryway intercom system if you would like to monitor and manage visitor access with transparency. 

Optimize the Playing Surface for Any Sport

Are you in the process of planning a new indoor field or court? Would you like to refresh the playability and aesthetics of your existing surfaces and spend less? Our all-inclusive surface improvements make it easy to integrate performance, safety, and style. 

For soccer, field hockey, and many other sports, we offer an innovative line of artificial grasses that feature customizable fiber length, shock absorption, colors, and striping. For court sports, we offer an impressive line of hard and synthetic options for professional, casual, and mixed-use needs of every kind. 

However ambitious or budget-friendly your indoor facility goals may be, our helpful experts at Keystone Sports are your all-in-one advocates for breathtaking facility improvements. Contact our pros for a free consultation today.