Athletes are going to play on all sorts of surfaces throughout their lives. Two of the most popular are grass and artificial turf. There are differences to each that a player should be aware of before using them.


When it comes to kicking a ball or playing a sport, the length of the grass matters. A well-maintained field with grass is going to play a little better than longer grass, meaning a ball is going to roll through it more easily.

Plenty of sports use grass fields for play. If the grass is long and unkempt, the pace of the game is greatly impacted. A person’s footwork will be slowed, passes will be inaccurate and the game as a whole suffers. A maintained grass field, however, offers a great place to play. The ground is forgiving, allowing one to move freely to receive a pass or get into a better position. Grass is great for warmer weather as the soil helps to contain the extreme heat.

Field Turf

Field turf doesn’t grow, so it is consistently predictable. A sport like soccer will be much different on field turf than a grass field. The ball will move at a quicker pace on turf and will bounce off the ground higher than the more cushioned grass. Artificial grass will be hotter than a natural surface due to rubber being installed underneath the turf.

Field turf is easier to maintain than grass. A great grass playing field needs to be properly mowed and maintained. You don’t need to mow an artificial surface.

The ground feels different on playing turf compared to grass. It can be a harder surface, making it bumpier as one chases down a fly ball or runs a route. Moisture is handled differently on field turf compared to a grass playing field.

Playing on a soaked grass field can be fun, but it also can result in it being torn up and in need of major repairs after a match or practice. Field turf is nice in the sense that a team can practice despite the weather elements and not risk ruining the playing field.

As a player, it is your responsibility to test out the surfaces to wear the proper gear and be aware of the benefits of grass and artificial turf.  Contact Keystone Sports Construction for more information about artificial turf installations in Philadelphia.