So you made the wise decision to go with artificial turf instead of natural grass, but, perhaps your turf is nearing the end of its life-cycle. Factors such as excess wear, environmental damage, or drainage problems might have you wondering what the next step will be if you need turf replacement. In this short guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about replacing your turf the right way.

Find A Trusted Turf Company

Before you start hacking at your turf with a shovel, bring in a professional company to guide you through the process. There are many factors to consider when replacing your turf such as:

  • Timeline: How fast do you need the replacement?
  • Usage: What will the turf be used for?
  • Environmental: Do you need a more durable turf for your climate?
  • Size: Do you want to increase/reduce the current field size?

By properly planning out your project before going at it alone, you will have the turf replaced properly the first time and limit potential headaches in the future.

Schedule The Removal

Having an experienced turf removal crew is essential. The ground beneath your turf must remain as undisturbed as possible. This process requires precision machinery that will protect surrounding landscaping and prevent accidental damage to underground gas lines and wires. Trying to tear out the turf on your own is a mistake you’ll want to avoid.

Find A Recycler Or Trash Service

There are many solutions available for having the old turf hauled off. There are options for recycling, re-use or directly trashing. Many turf installation companies will include these services, so be sure to discuss these details with your contractor or call your local trash provider ahead of time.

Drainage System Inspection

After removing the turf, a thorough drainage system check is needed. Oftentimes, your drainage system will be sufficient for another turf life-cycle. These drainage systems can be complicated and costly, so knowing that yours is humming along correctly is vital before laying the new turf.

Turf Installation

After working with your contractor to find the perfect turf, you can expect a professional contracting crew to have your field ready in as little as a few weeks. They will discuss everything from artificial turf maintenance to the different varieties of materials used. For more information about having your turf professionally installed, check out Keystone Sports Construction.