Ensuring the safety and reliable performance of your turf with a routine surface evaluation is both necessary and beneficial. Following a turf safety check, you will learn if your field’s shock absorption is adequate if maintenance is required, and what you can do to improve the surface if any issues are identified.

With this valuable information, your facility benefits from: 

  • Improved player safety
  • Fewer long-term costs
  • Credibility & improved athletic relations

How often you should invest in a turf safety check depends on factors like field location, use, material age, and upkeep quality. For both indoor and outdoor fields, an annual inspection is an average recommendation. If your field is poorly maintained, undergoes extreme use, or was damaged by a storm or another incident, you should invest in a professional surface inspection more frequently. Alternatively, if your field is rarely used or you utilize professional artificial turf maintenance services, a detailed inspection every 2-3 years may be sufficient. 

Which Features Are Evaluated During a Field Safety Checkup? 

Our professional safety inspections evaluate a range of parameters and surface properties that affect the playability and longevity of your valuable turf surfaces. With our affordable and informative investigations, our detail-oriented team evaluates the quality of your: 

  • Drainage systems
  • Infill levels and shock absorption properties
  • Grass consistency and fiber stability
  • Turf foundation adhesion & surface smoothness
  • & More field-specific parameters

The Importance of Routine Field Inspection

An insightful evaluation primes your facility for proactive savings and injury avoidance. If you have neglected necessary surface checkups, we recommend seeking a comprehensive investigation for several reasons. First, we can often prevent minor field damage and defects from progressing. For example, if your turf is beginning to lift along the edges because of heavy foot traffic, our remediations prevent additional hazardous situations. 

Next, our routine field inspections provide your facility with objective safety documentation. Our concise field evaluations serve as impartial evidence that you are properly managing the space. Athletes will notice your attention to surface quality, parents and coaches will appreciate the commitment to safety, and potential facility negligence injury lawsuits are avoided.

Whether you invest in a safety check for improved player safety or to avoid unexpected expenses in the future, add routine safety checks into your basic maintenance plan and host practices, games, and tournaments with confidence. 

Other Field Safety Solutions For Your Facility

While our experts are evaluating the safety and performance of your turf systems, feel free to discuss any other safety concerns you may have. Alongside our proactive field maintenance and repair solutions, we provide a range of beneficial facility upgrades like ball safety netting systems, easy-to-see field striping, and a range of safer turf options that reduce impact injuries and slip-and-fall incidents. 

For more safety tips or to schedule your turf checkup, contact our helpful contractors at Keystone Sports Construction for advice today.