Turf installation can be a rather time-consuming process depending on how large your property is. It may also depend on the quality of the area around the field itself. If the buildings, lighting, or parking structure need an upgrade it’s not uncommon to couple those renovations together with the laying of a new turf field. The entire project itself can take up to two years based on your budget, who you work with, and the time of year. 

Choosing Turf Type and Infill

After you’ve established a budget and timeline you have some important decisions to make regarding the turf itself. Things like infill, the type of fibers used in the artificial turf, and the type of shock pads are very important. There are types of turf work better for some sports than others. Aspects of care and maintenance as well as anticipated longevity can also play a role in which turf you select. If you aren’t sure which type of turf is best for you, we can help you make an informed decision before getting started.

Removal of Your Old Field

Removing the natural grass can take weeks, sometimes a month or longer, if other things are being removed as well (bleachers, locker rooms, etc). Specializing equipment is required to prepare the surface for the turf installation. The turf must have a solid, steady surface that it can be applied to so it doesn’t come loose. Loose turf can result in both damage as well as injuries.

Installing the New Artificial Turf

Installing the new turf for your athletic field takes roughly three to six weeks, depending on the aforementioned factors. The process begins with the shock absorption pad, followed by turf carpeting. The carpeting is attached to create a single surface. The infill is added last. Before the turf construction can begin the turf itself must be cut with expert precision to ensure it fits securely inside, against, or around any physical structures.  

Create Your Maintenance Plan

You can use the time of the ongoing turf construction to learn more about proper maintenance of your new field, and ensuring that your staff members are familiar as well. Should you require any maintenance after we install your new field, Keystone Sports Construction is always available to help keep it as pristine as possible. If you are looking to replace an existing field of artificial turf, we can remove and replace it as well. Contact Keystone Sports Construction today, and we’ll start your new project together.