The latest advances in turf field technology transcend the basics of attractive appeal. In the ever-evolving world of modern turf tech, surface innovation meets practical facility applications that extend from enhanced player safety to cost-efficient field design.  

With an increasing shift towards environmental conservation, increasing urbanization, and a rising demand for multi-use arenas, the newest turf systems address all of these modern-day needs and then some. For example, well-designed turf systems can be installed quickly, support numerous athletics with one field, and instantly reduce environmentally harmful practices like grass mowing and wasteful watering. 

The Evolution of Turf Has Changed the Game

Keystone Sports Construction is one of the best artificial turf companies in the industry. Our product line is on the cutting edge of the artificial grass industry, featuring a robust portfolio of adaptive turf systems that support high-impact sports, and optimal foot traction, and are capable of withstanding years of heavy-duty traffic. Thanks to notable improvements such as multi-ply backing, enhanced shock absorbency, and superior grass fiber design, optimal surface performance and impressive longevity are the new turf standards. 

Ideal for immediate player safety benefits, customizable field style, and many other multi-use design goals, our state-of-the-art turf solutions: 

  • Minimize upfront and long-term operational expenses
  • Reduce environmental impact with sustainable materials and reduce water use
  • Enhance facility appeal with a broader range of customizable styles
  • Accommodate diverse athletic applications with multi-sport utility
  • Are easily adapted to indoor and outdoor arenas 

The Latest Turf Looks Are Revolutionizing Facility Design

As interest in artificial turf fields continues to rise, so does the number of high-end styles now available. Unlike synthetic styles of the past that lacked the lush look and feel of natural grasses, artificial grass engineers have masterfully replicated the best features of natural grass. 

Many of our desirable outdoor and indoor turf installations feature lengthy artificial grass fibers, providing the attractive aesthetic of natural grass without the natural downsides of mud and uneven surface conditions. In addition to customizable fiber style, our innovative lineup of safer turfs comes with limitless color and striping styles. Perfect for highlighting school themes, brand imagery, and even promotional field striping, ease of design customization is simplified with Keystone Sports Construction supporting your trending update. 

Enhanced Player Safety is at the Forefront of Modern Field Design

In step with style and cost-saving field improvement trends, safety considerations remain a top design priority for good reason. With enhanced protective elements such as built-in shock padding, even slimmer turf models that boast superior traction now offer significant impact protection. Gone are the days of choosing between responsive athletic performance or player safety; from outdoor football practice fields to indoor soccer arenas, our collection features numerous balanced options that will keep your players safer with every play. 

Alongside our safety-first turf systems, we are also the go-to provider of adjacent safety solutions such as netting to keep the action contained. These must-have features are a simple way to protect athletes, fans, and your budget from costly and avoidable medical risks. While safety may seem less important than field style or surface performance, prioritizing turf and facility elements that protect everyone on and off the field is a trend worth following. 

Transform Your Facility With Our Forward-Focused Guidance

Bringing your facility into the future is our passion. With in-depth consideration for turf style, safety, and unparalleled surface performance, our collaborative team is here to help you integrate cutting-edge features and cost-saving materials that add value to every practice and game. 

To discover the many ways we can optimize your facility for success, get in touch with our experts at Keystone Sports Construction and learn more about our futuristic field upgrades today!