Keep Your Turf Healthy and Appealing

While artificial turf requires far less maintenance than natural grass, it does need maintenance now and then. To ensure you have the appropriate budget set aside for your turf maintenance needs, here are five signs that it’s time to hire a professional to repair your turf.

1. Discolored Spots

Depending on the kind of turf that you use, you may discover that parts of it have become discolored. It’s likely that the turf has lost its UV stabilization. If used under the open sun, the UV rays can slowly start to discolor the grass. It may appear yellow or a faded green.

Since turf fields need to maintain its green color, it’s important that you have a professional replace the discolored spots with fresh turf.

2. Bacteria-Filled Mesh

If exposed to standing water, then it’s possible for the mesh network underneath the grass to grow bacteria. Bacteria can further degrade the network and cause the grass to fall out. More importantly, the presence of bacteria and mold can have severe health consequences for those who are exposed to it.

If you notice that your turf has been drenched in standing water for some time, then you’ll need a professional to inspect and replace it.

3. Spotty Areas

One of the most common problems you’ll find with turf is that parts of it may be removed. Whether players rip it out or some other damage is done to it, leaving holes in the field is dangerous for the players. It’s also unsightly. A professional can replace missing spots of turf with brand new artificial grass that looks great. It will also meld smoothly with your existing field.

4. Uneven Turf

Sometimes only the tips of the grass may break. This can create an uneven field and play area. Players may slip on the uneven ground and injure themselves.

A professional can locate the areas where the blades have become damaged and repair them.

5. Broken Mesh Network

Beneath your turf exists a network of mesh material that is responsible for the strength of your turf. It’s where the grass is held together. Through force or just wear over time, it’s possible for the mesh to break. This repair absolutely requires a professional. If parts of your turf are starting to pull away from each other, then call a professional to quickly replace it.

Get Your Repairs Handled Today

To ensure your field is always ready for the next game, hire a professional to keep it in top shape. Watch out for these signs and contact a turf maintenance specialist to help with any repairs or replacements needed to your turf.