When designing the perfect turf field, understanding your options is key to maximizing the surface potential. Turf offers unparalleled versatility over traditional grasses, but not all turf is created equal. Depending on the type of sports, frequency of play, and location, the subtle differences in turf affect the overall performance characteristics and durability. In this turf breakdown, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your multi-purpose field. 

Affordable Fields With Rhino SF 42 

Featuring a multi-ply backing for lasting directional support, this ultra-durable turf variety is ideal for high-use fields. With slit film surface fibers and moderate infill splash, this budget-conscious choice will look good long after the initial install.

With varying pile heights available, this athlete-friendly choice provides enhanced player safety. Combining just the right firmness for improved player traction, this wise turf selection is a great place to start if you’re considering a turf installation. 

Stadium Grade Rhino SF 48

Another heavy-duty turf from AstroTurf, the Rhino SF 48, is the perfect utility turf for high-use stadiums that are looking for long-lasting durability and consistent player performance. Identical to the Rhino SF 42’s slit film fibers, this grass variety is expertly engineered to hold fast to turf backing and resist wear and tear from high-traffic sports. 

Manufactured to the highest standards of stadium-grade quality, this player boosting artificial sports turf combines multi-ply primary backing with a secondary polyurethane backing system and optional soy-based BioCel technology. Designed for performance over aesthetics, the Rhino SF 48 is guaranteed to keep players safe and satisfied with long-lasting traction and surface reliability for years to come. 

Rhino Blend 48 Pair Aesthetics with Performance

This carefully constructed turf blend offers the best of both worlds. For players that want reliable surface integrity and impact resistance, the combination of slit film and monofilament fibers provides notable traction characteristics. While slightly less durable than the SF turfs, this blend more closely replicates the natural aesthetic of grass and is strong enough to last for years of high-use activity.

Rootzone 3D: The Latest in Turf Innovation

Featuring a proprietary texturized fiber system, this innovative turf encapsulates the infill for reduced rubber splash, better shock absorbency, and reduced infill migration. Proven to reduce lower extremity torque, this grass-like turf is safer, ultra-durable, and allows for personalized infill selection for a customized field you’ll be proud of. 

When maintaining an attractive field that considers both the player’s performance and the crowd appeal, any of the turfs listed here are designed to transform fields with quality manufacturing that lasts. With easy maintenance, durable aesthetic appeal, and consistent performance backed by science, a turf upgrade is a wise investment for every sports field.