The possibilities are endless when it comes to enriching your facility’s space with a cost-effective turf field. An inviting turf field is one of the most reliable ways to transform an underutilized space into an attractive venue and provides a safe and reliable space for practice, games, and competitions of all kinds. If your facility has dated practice fields, low attendance figures, or is looking for a great way to boost school or facility revenue, here are some great reasons to consider upgrading your space with a versatile turf installation. 

Easier to Maintain Than Natural Surfaces

The multi-purpose utility of a turf field goes beyond providing athletes with enhanced traction and reliable performance. Thanks to advances in artificial turf field construction, modern turf fields are designed to last for years of use, include built-in drainage systems, and are one of the easiest surfaces to maintain. 

Unlike traditional grass or dirt fields that require ongoing lawn maintenance, involve costly water bills, and are prone to rodent and insect invasion, a turf field is engineered to overcome all of these natural field issues. With simple debris removal, occasional raking, and perimeter growth clearing, you can expect your field to last for years of quality performance. 

Turf Protects Athletes

The safety factor is another great reason to consider transforming your space into a fun and safe playing surface. Many modern turf varieties are infused with an injury-preventing rubber inlay, resulting in significantly fewer injuries from impacts and falls. These rebounding surface properties are also beneficial for players’ joints and reduce the overall negative impact of repetitive forces from running, jumping, and standing for extended periods. 

The greater surface traction also acts as an additional layer of protection for athletes. Ideal for sports like soccer, football, and lacrosse that require rapid stop-and-go movements, the reliable consistency across the entirety of the playing surface ensures that players can rely on the grip of the ground beneath their cleats. 

Improved Field Aesthetics & Performance for Limitless Revenue Opportunities

Beyond saving on field maintenance and utility bills when you invest in artificial turf, the turf field cost is quickly recouped after you take advantage of your upgraded field for sporting and event revenue opportunities. With a beautifully designed field that’s professionally sprayed for a variety of sports, you can easily rent your field to every team in the area. You can boast a safer player surface, improved performance characteristics, and will become a go-to location for practice, games, and tournaments in the area. These attractive qualities naturally result in increased concession sales, improved fan attendance, and an overall enhanced experience for everyone involved. 

With a range of colors, turf varieties, and optional logos, and customized linework available, creating a field that represents your facility in a positive light has never been easier. If you’re interested in creating a turf field for your facility, contact our turf experts to learn more!