Boost athletic performance with smart facility upgrades that are destined to pay dividends long after installation. Not only will a few cutting-edge updates improve the player experience across the field, but with long-term facility growth in mind, the best facility improvements have the power to increase revenue, improve safety, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Below, we explore a variety of the latest athletic turf solutions and cost-effective improvements to revolutionize your arena and attract teams and fans from far and wide. 

Begin With the Most Important Feature First: The Playing Surface

It’s safe to say that the playing surface is a top contender for the most important facility investment. Unless your indoor facility has holes in the roof or broken locks on the door, everything else can probably wait, because the performance of your surface can make or break the player experience. 

This recommendation applies to all fields or court types. If you manage natural grass, we recommend making the switch to artificial turf for several reasons. First, artificial turf options are designed to amplify performance for specific sports and multi-use athletics. For example, a turf with advanced shock-absorption technology can be an invaluable addition to football and soccer fields. Players benefit from consistent foot traction and dependable impact resistance that minimizes injury risks with every play. 

Other great reasons to switch to performance-enhancing artificial grass include: 

  • Long-term cost savings: Artificial turf lasts long and is easy to maintain. Unlike natural grass which requires countless hours of labor and comes with spendy water/fertilizer bills, artificial grass only requires basic upkeep and occasional repairs to maintain peak surface performance. 
  • Durability & aesthetic appeal: The long-lasting value of artificial grass also equals longer-lasting surface integrity and style. Players are less likely to trip on potholes or uneven clumps, and your facility benefits from an appealing aesthetic that is expertly engineered to stand the test of time. 
  • Cleaner & safer for players and the planet: Avoid the pesticides and keep your field open for longer even if it rains. Unlike natural grass that quickly becomes a muddy mess, water drains directly through artificial turf, both enhancing field accessibility and preventing muddy slip-and-fall incidents. 

If you maintain courts, taking steps to maintain a smooth, crack-free, and traction-friendly surface is key. Depending on your player-performance objectives, many steps can be taken to improve the surface performance, or if beyond repair, several affordable replacement options boast phenomenal traction and enhanced player safety.

For faded or inconsistent surfaces, such as a weathered hardwood basketball court, a cost-effective refinishing is a surefire way to increase surface performance for less. If a replacement is in your future, we recommend smart updates like Har-Tru synthetic courts for updates like pickleball and tennis. These synthetic-clay alternatives dry quickly, offer joint-safe impact protection and come in a variety of customizable styles for an update that looks as good as it performs. 

Add Safety Netting to Your Facility

Customized facility netting solutions keep the action contained and prevent fan injuries. Instead of players wasting precious practice or tournament time chasing stray fly balls, our baseball field construction companies can help you place ultra-strong netting solutions anywhere you need to safeguard. We can install permanent, high-visibility nets protecting the seats, or customize your safety plan with mobile safety nets that can quickly be relocated for added safety and time-saving performance wherever your athletes go. 

Improve Lighting & Air Quality

Enriching the ambiance of your facility also carries over into athletic performance. If your facility is stuffy, dimly lit, or lacking in positive energy, a few well-placed fans and energy-efficient LED upgrades can go a long way in uplifting the atmosphere and playability of your facility. 

Searching for other smart improvement ideas to optimize athletic performance and fan enjoyment? Get in touch with our experts at Keystone Sports Construction for other multi-purpose upgrade ideas today!