Searching for cost-effective and high-performance inclusions for your multi-sport facility? As indoor facility specialists, incorporating the perfect balance of durability, performance, and aesthetic style into the finish is our goal with every custom project. After decades of bringing out the best in every square foot, here are some of the top features and renovations we have integrated over the years. 

Take a look at these insightful improvement ideas and create a multi-sport-friendly facility that is built for optimal performance and enjoyment. 

Making the Most of Available Surface Area

Regardless of facility size, making the most of every precious square foot is a top consideration. With smart planning features such as retractable bleachers, court partitions, and other adaptable design features, it’s possible to transform a seemingly single-use space into a multi-use athletic opportunity. 

For example, when designing an indoor football turf field, consider designing the field with modular elements such as removable goal posts and temporary field markers that can be covered or re-striped for other sports that could benefit from the artificial grass. 

Build Your Arena With Safety in Mind

Before investing in high-end locker room features or a luxury concession design, forward-thinking facility owners invest in safety first. When designing your facility, there are several aspects of safety that should be considered. Implement these recommendations to prevent player/fan injury, reduce litigation risks, and protect your valuable indoor facility from criminal activity: 

  • Choose player-safe surface types: With shock-absorbing artificial turf and joint-friendly synthetic courts, every athlete will appreciate the quality surface. For multiple sports, we recommend choosing a surface type that balances surface stability and surface rebound to promote consistent traction and minimize impact risks. 
  • Modern entryway locks and access control solutions: Multiple sports draw big crowds, and taking steps to optimize your doorway security and ensure authorized facility use is a non-negotiable consideration. 
  • Install facility monitoring cameras: From the ticket booth to the fields and courts, investing in live camera recording can pay for itself in theft prevention and litigation avoidance. For instance, if a player claims that poor field maintenance was the cause of their injury, you will have video evidence supporting the fact that your field was properly maintained at the time of the incident. 
  • Optimize your indoor arena with safety netting solutions: Safeguarding fans and keeping the ball in play is easily accomplished with durable and high-visibility netting options. Choose from permanent installations or opt for moveable netting solutions that make it easy to modify the safety coverage between courts and fields as needed. 

Install Smart Lighting & Enrich Air Flow 

From the welcoming energy of your entryway, to the breathability and visibility on the field, lighting and air quality matters. As one of the top turf field installation companies, we recommend cost-efficient LED systems with broad-spectrum overhead designs that illuminate the fields or courts from every angle. In addition to boosting athletic safety with brighter lighting and impact-resistant window designs, a vivid lighting plan is the easiest way to establish a welcoming feel in your arena. 

Hand-in-hand with your ambience-enriching lighting plan, strategic fan and HVAC improvements are a smart investment for several reasons. First, maintaining cool temperatures promotes player safety by preventing heat-related health concerns during prolonged practices and games. 

Next, maintaining adequate air flow prevents stuffy indoor arena smells and prevents other issues like costly and unhealthy mildew or mold problems. Quite simply, a brighter lighting scheme and a fresher interior air provides amazing value for fans and athletes alike. 

Must-Have Quality-of-Life Additions For Every Facility

Accessible trash bins, an attractive concession area, clean drinking-water stations, and versatile locker-room designs should also be factored into the facility plan. When organizing each of these features, consider how the layout can be optimized for convenience, guest comfort, and overall accessibility. 

Need help integrating any of the above? Get in touch with our professionals at Keystone Sports Construction for organized, affordable, and turn-key facility support today.