Quality playing field care is exponentially easier to manage when thoughtful protection policies are in place. A no-food policy protects the players and your property and is one of the most vital policies to include in your rules and regulations if you haven’t done so already. 

That seemingly harmless bag of potato chips or messy hot dog may not seem like an issue at first glance, but spills, trash, and a range of long-term field issues emerge if this policy is neglected. Even if some of the athletes would prefer to snack on the field during half-time, here’s why it’s important to maintain a firm no-food policy to protect your valuable indoor artificial turf in advance.

Food & Trash Can Directly Damage Playing Surfaces

Acidic beverages, condiments, and oily foods can stain and prematurely break down courts and turf materials. Even electrolyte beverages like Gatorade can damage surface integrity. Additionally, be sure to remind players that food containers of any kind are prohibited. Hard containers, trash bags, and other objects like popsicle sticks can get trapped within the surface fibers, causing premature tears and destruction when pressed into the surface.

To protect your turf and court surfaces proactively, simply inform the coaches and athletes ahead of game time. Reach out to the coach/team directly before the game, and place clearly-visible signage in the locker rooms, side-line areas, or by the player benches to promote your policy more reliably. 

No-Food Policies Protect the Players

Most importantly, a no-food policy is the easiest way to protect visiting teams and paying guests from accidental slips, tripping injuries, and other issues that come with on-field debris. Not only will a no-food policy ensure greater player safety, but if your facility is responsible for a player’s injury due to field neglect, you may be liable to cover medical expenses and other injury-related costs! 

Keep your treats to the stands and concessions to prevent all of the above! If it’s already too late and your field has been damaged by some mid-game snacking, get in touch with our experts and we’ll help you restore your outdoor or indoor artificial turf to its like-new condition today!