Turf is tough, weather-resistant, and engineered to handle years of heavy-duty use. However, even the strongest turf needs TLC. Artificial turf field maintenance is simple and affordable, especially when compared to traditional grass fields that require constant upkeep to maintain acceptable surface conditions.

Ready to maximize the lifespan and performance potential of your field? Follow these simple guidelines to reduce your maintenance expenses, maintain a vibrant aesthetic, and keep your artificial football turf in great shape.

Develop an Organized Plan to Optimize Your Maintenance Plan

Before maintenance begins, it’s important to create a detailed care schedule. Prepare a checklist that your maintenance crew can utilize to track duties performed, note needed repairs, and ensure that all tasks are completed promptly. 

Your athletic turf maintenance schedule should include: 

  • Routine inspections to evaluate surface conditions 
  • Frequent debris cleanup and perimeter growth removal 
  • Raking and surface grooming services to distribute infill and remove debris
  • Infill evaluations and replenishment services on a quarterly/annual basis
  • Deep cleaning services; partner with our pros at Keystone Sports Construction to maintain pristine turf conditions
  • Prompt repairs and replacements if the turf is torn, separating, or showing signs of excessive surface degradation

For more information about designing a professional maintenance plan, browse our extensive collection of free resources at Keystone Sports Construction or get in touch with our field maintenance experts and we’ll walk you through the specific steps to keep your surfaces in optimal condition. 

DIY Steps to Preserve Your Valuable Field

Many of the maintenance steps above can be performed with basic field care knowledge and simple surface care tools. Before calling our contractors for the major tasks, here are some of the cost-saving maintenance steps you can implement to spend less and maintain a stunning field for years to come. 

Making daily and weekly inspections/clean-ups a habit is the cheapest way to protect the integrity of your field and the safety of your players. While walking the field and collecting trash each day or week, always be on the lookout for noticeable surface issues like torn sections, uneven surfaces, and other signs of excessive wear and tear. 

While debris and trash clean-up may seem like a simple and mundane task, it is perhaps the most important task for several reasons; sticks, trash, and other dangerous objects pose tripping hazards and can rip the underlying turf layers if forced into the surface. 

Keeping your field clean also: 

  • Reduces insect and pest problems such as animal waste
  • Prevents damage caused by decaying foods and plant debris
  • Improves the aesthetic and playability of your field
  • Reduces your long-term costs 

In addition to basic clean-up duties, we recommend performing weekly or monthly raking with an approved turf brush or soft rake. Do not use metal rakes or any tools with sharp protrusions that could damage the turf mesh. Gently brush the surface in the direction of the artificial grass fibers. This process helps to prevent traction patterns, loosen embedded debris, and maintain proper infill distribution.

Partner With Professionals for the Rest 

While it may be tempting to cut costs with a DIY repair or replacement, we highly recommend that you stay in contact with our experts at Keystone Sports Construction for all maintenance and repair duties beyond the basics. 

Before problems develop, our field care experts can help you restore proper infill levels, renew the original aesthetic, and provide deeper cleanings that realign the fibers and liberate your field from unsightly surface accumulation. If your field troubles are beyond repair, our cutting-edge turf styles make it easy to optimize your surface conditions with a superior balance of safety, style, and traction. 

However simple or complex your field care needs may be, get in touch with our pros at Keystone Sports Construction and simplify your athletic turf maintenance needs today.