Protecting the players, respecting the environment, and adhering to the highest performance standards are crucial considerations for professional arenas and casual fields alike. 

Arguably the most important consideration in field design, surface safety standards are established to minimize injuries and other risks that can arise when poor surface conditions threaten the well-being of athletes or guests. When designing and caring for a field, numerous factors must be considered to establish a secure and injury-free environment. 

To prevent injury and medical liability cases, and to promote a safer experience for everyone in attendance, key turf safety standards have been established by agencies such as AMST, FIFA, EPA, OSHA, NCAA, and local agencies for: 

Impact Safety Standards: Depending on the sport and facility type, facilities are often required to comply with certain impact ratings that are approved for injury prevention. For example, a common guideline for turf grass is 30-60mm in length and 20-40mm of infill depth to ensure sufficient impact absorption.

Surface Traction Standards: To prevent avoidable slip-and-fall injuries, another safety metric involves the consistency of surface traction. Surfaces should have a uniform surface grip across the entirety of the field surface; maintaining the minimum turf grass lengths above and repairing/replacing worn sections is the best way to ensure a safe and consistent player experience. 

Environmental Safety Standards: Although the specific environmental requirements vary significantly from location to location, environmental safety considerations are on the rise. Now a common consideration in many localities, facilities and project contractors may be required to use biodegradable infills and sustainable artificial grasses, and to implement eco-friendly strategies such as limiting water use and employing appropriate drainage practices. 

Construction and Zoning Standards: All field projects must comply with local ordinances and code-compliant construction regulations. From the design of the drainage systems to the structure and location of the field foundation, seeking the appropriate permits and partnering with an approved contractor who is capable of honoring these requirements is crucial. 

Due to the complex and varying regulations that apply to facility design, it’s imperative to source a qualified artificial turf repair and installation company that is well-versed in all national, state, and local requirements. Before project commencement, understanding the specific safety, construction, and environmental requirements for your sports facility is the first step toward project success. 

Preparing for Project Success With All Standards in Focus

Not sure which requirements apply to your project? Reach out to our football, baseball, and soccer turf experts at Keystone Sports Construction and learn which safety standards and regulations apply to your region. We manage professional and casual field projects across the nation and are well-equipped to install, repair, and maintain all turf fields, courts, and mixed-use arenas with code-compliant precision.

To prepare for project success, we address all relevant safety standards and manage all processes such as permit acquisition and construction planning on our partners’ behalf. Before breaking ground, we acquire local construction permits, ensure that our material choices meet and exceed environmental safety standards, and help you organize a field design that prioritizes player and fan safety. 

To exceed safety and environmental standards with every custom field design, our experts at Keystone Sports Construction offer:

  • Top-tier turf varieties that provide superior impact resistance and exceptional surface traction
  • Ultra-durable turf styles that make it easy to maintain safe and predictable surfaces for years to come
  • Comprehensive follow-up services such as professional inspections, infill refills, and artificial grass repairs to keep all of your surfaces in compliance
  • Free resources and expert guidance to help you master maintenance and long-term facility care like a professional 

Have other questions about safety standards or best practices for your facility? We are your all-in-one resource for factual information and straightforward recommendations. For assistance with anything related to your field, court, or track, Keystone Sports Construction is here to help.