Striking a balance between the perfect field layout and the needs of the players enriches the quality of every practice and game. With an accommodating plan that accounts for field dimensions, surface materials, and other related elements like perimeter netting, both athletes and fans win with a well-constructed field design!

Fortunately, developing an optimal layout to accommodate multiple sports and varying team sizes is a relatively straightforward process. By evaluating key criteria such as overall field use needs, size of your athletic department, and other factors like budget and available space, addressing the important details becomes a simple, step-by-step process. 

Determine The Best Playing Surface

Since the quality of your playing surfaces are crucial to the overall utility and aesthetic of your final design, building your improvement plans around the surface selection is a smart place to begin. 

To accommodate your athletic needs more closely, our cutting-edge turf varieties feature a range of adaptable characteristics. Our portfolio of turfs include customizable features, such as: 

  • Varying grass densities & lengths
  • Multiple infill & shock-absorption levels
  • A spectrum of vibrant colors 
  • & More…

If you are designing a field that will be primarily used for practice and casual exercise, your facility may benefit the most from a highly-shock absorbant blend that protects joints and minimizes ground-contact injuries. For instance, our joint-safe artificial football turf is a popular choice for youth programs when protective infill, longer grass fibers, and slightly slower action is the preference. 

Alternatively, for competitive use needs, an artificial turf with shorter fibers and less shock absorption is often the ideal design choice for sports like soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. A slightly firmer surface and shorter grass fiber length promotes enhanced ball roll and provides stable footing for rapid maneuvers like pivots, slides, and sprints. 

For many field projects, the best turf option is somewhere in the middle. We offer many styles that combine added player safety with incredible traction performance for a well-rounded upgrade that accommodates multiple sports. 

Optimize Your Layout With Team Size In Mind

After deciding which surface is best for your space, it’s time to organize the dimensions with your available space and player needs in mind. If you plan on hosting big tournaments and competitive events, a full-sized field with additional sideline and warm-up space will be required. If you need a space for casual practices and youth tournaments, you can still host great games and practice sessions with a smaller, budget-friendly field design. 

If you will be supporting multiple sports, the base dimensions should accommodate whichever sport requires the most square footage. Our field construction experts can help you organize: 

  • Accurate dimensions for professional and casual fields
  • Vivid striping and logos for multiple sports
  • Other important field features like netting, seating & more

Before committing to any project steps, our informative turf field construction company will gladly help you navigate every phase of the plan and build with transparency, cost savings, and field design excellence in mind.