Sports netting, much like artificial turf, is built to endure.  It is relentlessly stretched, braves the elements, and faces airborne contaminants.  While they’re designed to last they won’t last forever.  Sports netting that is damaged can be defective equipment at best, and a major safety hazard at worst.

Regular Inspection

This might sound obvious, but it’s not uncommon for signs of wear and tear to go unnoticed.  Netting is meant to take a beating, so seeing it stretched out is par for the course.  As a result it might not cross your mind to examine it thoroughly.  Rather than waiting until after inclement weather strikes to see if it’s still intact, check it at least once a month.  Keep a log of anything you find for comparative purposes; if you notice any patterns in wear it’s possible you will need to look into having it repaired or replaced. 

Make Necessary Repairs

Just because your net looks like it might be able to handle one more game doesn’t it mean it will.  Repairing your damaged netting is relatively low cost, especially if you do so while the damage is still minor.  As soon as you identify any fraying, tears, or loss of stretch you should determine if it’s possible to repair, or if you’ll need to have the netting replaced.  If you need to consult a professional, take pictures of the damage as well. 

Get it Ready for the Winter

To prolong your netting’s life span you will want to take it down in the winter.  The material becomes more prone to fraying if moisture enters it and then freezes.  Brittle material significantly hurts the longevity of sports netting.  After taking it down you must be sure to store it properly as well.  Aside from keeping it dry you’ll want to keep it in a sealed container that critters can’t get into.  It’s not uncommon for rodents to find refuge in netting during wintertime, so come spring it’s full of holes and bitemarks.

Contact the Pros

Like artificial turf, we’re available for installation of sports netting in your field, court, or arena. You’re guaranteed an above-grade product at a price you can afford. We’re also available for installation of barrier netting to keep your spectators safe. Contact us by phone or email to learn more about how Keystone Construction makes game time safer for everyone.