Could your gym or fitness center benefit from a versatile flooring update? While any time is a great time to update your gym flooring, it can be advantageous to time your update around factors like usage frequency, financing availability, and other improvement projects.  

Before breaking down the various considerations related to gym floor timing, you may be wondering why you should consider an update to begin with. First and foremost, modern shock-resistant flooring solutions have come a long way. Featuring the perfect balance of grippy surface performance and injury-preventing joint protection, our state-of-the-art gym flooring installations can improve your home gym or fitness business by: 

  • Protecting the underlying materials from damage caused by heavy weights, equipment, and food/drink spills. 
  • Improving the exercise experience: High-impact aerobics and intense lifting sessions go hand-in-hand with a better flooring setup. Unlike smaller workout mats that are hard to clean and constantly shift during a workout, our gym-wide updates maximize the joint-safe and floor-protective potential of every square foot. 
  • Enhancing the look and feel of your workout environment: Our innovative gym flooring solutions look great, reduce noise disturbances, and add an element of high-end professionalism to every workout space.
  • Simplifying home and business upkeep: Our easy-to-clean and maintain synthetic surfaces are designed with heavy-duty use in mind. Forget hard-to-clean hardwood and frequent crack repairs with concrete, because our synthetic upgrades are resistant to scuffs, impacts, and many other common surface problems.
  • Reducing equipment and property costs: In the long run, superior flooring defense translates into an upgrade that can pay for itself. Dropped weights are undamaged, labor costs drop, and your flooring asset retains its value for years to come.

All of the above are the standard with our versatile gym flooring solutions. If you’re ready to accentuate your gym’s defense, style, and multipurpose utility, it’s time to start planning your modern flooring update! 

Plan Your Update During the Off-Season

Starting your gym flooring update during the warmer spring and summer months is often the best time. While your family or your exercise clients are getting fit outdoors, upgrade your space in advance and your new-and-improved gym will be ready to use when the colder days arrive. 

Organize Your Improvement Around Financing Availability

If you are planning a home gym update, scheduling your update around an annual bonus or tax refund can be a great way to finance your home improvement. If you’re a fitness business owner, the end of the fiscal year may be the perfect time to include your gym flooring update in next year’s budget plan. 

Regardless of your current financial situation, making a gym flooring investment can shield your budget long into the future. If you’re ready to protect your floors and reduce injury risks, our gym flooring upgrades come with flexible financing options and accessible price points for every budget. 

Schedule Your Update Along With Other Renovations

If you are in the process of making other home or business improvements, this can be a great time to install new gym floors. While other contractors work on the kitchen or bathroom, our skilled team can optimize your gym floors for a breathtaking finish that exceeds your expectations. In addition to the best gym flooring solutions in the industry, you can also utilize our licensed contractors for any other court/field upgrades you need assistance with. 

Improve Your Gym Flooring Any Time of the Year

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good idea to protect your property and improve exercise safety! Our experienced team provides year-round gym flooring upgrades, offering full-service design planning, a wider range of material choices, and turn-key project management for a precision upgrade completed in less time. 

For a free consultation and estimate, reach out to our gym flooring specialists and discover the many ways we can protect and improve your home gym or facility today!