Behind the scenes of every well-run facility is an organized maintenance plan. Even though turf may be the least labor intensive of all field types, conscientious field management still plays a crucial role in player safety, turf longevity, and aesthetic appeal. 

So, as the facility owner or manager, what can you do to maintain problem-free surface performance before, during, and after the season arrives? 

Develop a Maintenance Plan With Your Arena in Mind

While standard practices like debris removal and gentle turf raking will always be a part of the plan, the best maintenance plans stem from your facility’s exact needs. For example, if you manage an outdoor turf field, scheduling daily debris removal may be more appropriate than a bi-weekly or weekly cleanup. Other maintenance factors that should be tailored around your field’s specifics include: 

  • Frequency of infill replenishment: If your turf undergoes heavy use and high-intensity sporting, areas with above average foot traffic will require infill refills sooner than fields with less use. 
  • Extent of perimeter care: To prevent issues along the turf border, any pooling water and natural growth must be removed as soon as possible. If you live in an area with above average precipitation, or your field is next to encroaching plant life, your perimeter care efforts will also need to increase. 
  • Turf type affects follow-up maintenance: Inside or out, the quality of your turf directly influences how often you need to rake and repair the field.  In general, turf with a denser grass profile that is rated for heavier foot traffic will require less upkeep after installation. 

Monitor Surfaces More Often Than Necessary

A single lifting edge or torn section can quickly transform into costly and/or ankle-twisting field inconsistencies. Before minor problems are allowed to uproot the integrity of your field, we recommend proactive vigilance on a daily basis. While taking a few minutes to walk the field, be on the lookout for:

  • Trash
  • Natural Debris
  • Animal Waste
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Lifting Edges
  • Visibly Worn Sections of Turf

Outsource Your Field Care 

Since turf costs less to operate, outsourcing your routine surface tasks to our turf maintenance company is easily accomplished thanks to the utility and labor savings. With our preventative experts protecting your surfaces, we eliminate the guesswork and guarantee professional turf performance. 

The same attentive turf care applies to our annual inspections, comprehensive installations, and cost-saving repairs for sectional damage and other common turf concerns. After we replenish the infill or repair any turf inconsistencies, you can also rely on our experienced team for new field striping, field safety upgrades like sports netting, and many more value-adding services to bring out the best in your arena. 

Ask Our Pros for Field-Specific Maintenance Tips

The above recommendations only address a few of the common turf field basics. For a deeper dive into the best turf preservation techniques, contact our football, soccer, and baseball field turf maintenance experts for other easy-to-implement field care strategies.