Restoring your field to its former glory is our passion and expertise at Keystone Sports Construction. However severe the damage, we specialize in all phases of facility repair and rebuilding, offering turn-key support that extends from the foundation of your turf and track, to the perimeter netting around your court or outfield. 

Nature’s fury is unpredictable, but our recovery services are straightforward and affordable. Depending on the extent of destruction, our court and artificial turf repair company offers a spectrum of adaptable recovery steps. With a goal of minimizing expenses and reducing your facility’s downtime, here’s how we can help you recover from devastating damage and get you back to game time in less time.

Evaluate the Extent of Damage

Before investing in a new surface or replacement, our detail-oriented facility inspectors can shield you from avoidable costs and connect you with the best repair solutions. In many storm-damage situations, quick fixes like turf reseating, infill replenishment, or sectional surface repairs can prevent the need for a costlier replacement service. 

Our experienced professionals have industry-leading material knowledge, and can help you evaluate the integrity of all playing surfaces and adjacent field components. From the field drainage features to the coating on your court or track surfaces, our accurate investigations will prepare you to make the best decisions for your facility. 

Repair the Damage & Prevent Future Problems

On the bright side, storm damage can be the catalyst for necessary field updates. For example, if strong winds have damaged your outdated netting along the perimeter of your field, our football field construction pros can help you compare tougher materials that are visually appealing and guaranteed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. 

The same goes for many surface types. If the condition of your track, court, or turf field is unsightly, unsafe, or unplayable because of a recent storm, we offer an array of resurfacing and surface upgrades to enhance playability and aesthetics. 

Our repair and resurfacing experts at Keystone Sports Construction can help you improve safety, style, and overall value with: 

  • Joint-friendly track & court surfaces like Har-Tru & rubber
  • Innovative turfs for player-safe impact resistance & traction
  • Professional-grade surface coatings to preserve your facility
  • Low-cost sectional turf and crack repairs for a like-new finish
  • Personalized colors & striping to improve visibility for players & fans

As your turn-key facility improvement allies, all services come with transparent explanations and recommendations. We have access to a versatile collection of options, and until you are 100% satisfied with the style, durability, and quality of the materials we present, we will continue to explore alternatives until you approve of every detail. 

Maintain the Improvement With Professional Follow-Up Care

After restoring your facility to its like-new appearance and performance, you can also depend on our seasoned team at Keystone Sports Construction for all follow-up care. Routine aftercare services like infill leveling, crack sealing, and turf reseating are an easy and cost-effective way to prevent small problems from progressing. 

While we’re assisting with any form of facility repairs or maintenance, you can also expect to gain valuable facility insights to keep your arena in premier condition. Our informative professionals will outline practical surface care tips, early warning signs to look for, and other useful ideas to prolong the lifespan of your valuable facility. 

Learn More About Our Industry-Leading Turf, Track, & Court Services

However major or minor your facility concerns may be, our friendly and efficient services make it easy to stay a step ahead of disruptive and expensive facility problems. For a transparent repair quote, professional maintenance tips, or assistance with any other aspect of your facility improvement project, contact our helpful contractors for unparalleled guidance today.