Superior surfaces that look great and perform better add value to every tennis match! Whether you would like to support your patrons with a synthetic court for joint-friendly play, or you’re after the competitive benefits that come with a harder surface type, our tennis court experts are here to make the most of your facility’s potential. 

At Keystone Sports Construction, our turn-key court design services open up the possibilities for your space. If your facility is limited by poor surface conditions or an unsightly aesthetic, perhaps a revitalized tennis court resurfacing is all that you need to boost your membership levels. Alternatively, if you are hoping to broaden your facility’s offerings and reach a wider demographic of athletes, a professional tennis installation is among the most attractive court types to consider.  

With your facility’s big-picture goals guiding the tennis court improvement project, here’s how our professional contractors and tennis court maintenance companies can help your space stand out from the rest. 

Cutting-Edge Surface Types for Maximum Traction & Safety

The perfect serve starts with a steady stance and reliable traction with every step. With ultra-reliable surface options like coated concrete or fast-drying Har-Tru surfaces, athletes can volley and pivot with confidence. 

Beyond obvious advantages like improved foot traction, many of our customizable surface options are designed with player safety and ease of maintenance in mind. For example, when you choose a synthetic clay surface like Har-Tru, you receive a multitude of member-friendly benefits like impact resistance and added player stability, even in light rain. When you opt for versatile options like Har-Tru, your facility also benefits from greater longevity and ease of care. 

Unlike other surface types that require constant crack filling and repeated sectional repairs, our synthetic courts are: 

  • Less expensive to install
  • Easy to care for and repair
  • Safe to play on in many conditions
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor play

Brighten Your Arena With Custom Creativity

As important as predictable ball bounce and consistent surface traction, the way your facility looks can make or break your attendance figures! Before players step onto your courts, the visual presentation is vital to the overall impression, and taking action to design a captivating layout can positively influence every minute of the tennis experience. 

To elevate the indoor or outdoor design, consider thoughtful court and artificial turf updates in Maryland like: 

  • Vibrant line striping to improve the quality of each match
  • Colorful court finishes uplift your facility’s aesthetic
  • Fan safety netting to keep the action contained & reduce ball chasing
  • Lush artificial turf practice areas to complete the professional look

These popular finishing touches are only a sample of the many memorable ways we can infuse professionalism and style into your courts. With personalized options like custom logos, high-end court nets, and innovative safety features that improve the experience with every match, prepare to receive more membership requests! 

For other membership-boosting court ideas, contact our helpful pros at Keystone Sports Construction today!