As the foundation of athletic development, an improved gymnasium design can lead to tangible benefits like student safety, improved interpersonal development, and a myriad of health benefits associated with increased activity. By empowering your students with safer surfaces and better equipment, your gym update directly contributes to worthwhile outcomes such as:

  • Long-term reduction in obesity and other issues caused by sedentary lifestyles: By encouraging students to exercise and participate in team activities regularly, healthy fitness routines and inclusive social skills are more likely to become lifelong habits.
  • Improved cognitive development, focus, and mental health: Gym class is the perfect way to burn off extra energy and enhance mental clarity. Exercise directly enhances brain-tissue oxygenation, regulates hormones, and supports several other anatomical processes related to memory, mood, and cognitive performance. 
  • Enhanced athletic performance: Impact-resistant gym flooring, turf sections, and built-in facility safety features make it possible to participate in a greater variety of sporting options. If you only have a hard court, athletic education is limited. If you have a variety of mixed options, such as a padded gymnastics area, a joint-safe pickleball court, and a custom turf layout for other sports, this variety can revolutionize your athletic education program.

Encouraging athleticism and exercise at an early age starts with a gym flooring installation and facility design that makes the most of your space. At Keystone Sports Construction, optimizing every square meter for dependable gym class performance is our specialty. From concept to completion, here are some of the multipurpose gymnasium updates we provide for schools nationwide. 

Superior Gym Flooring Solutions 

The most important gym feature is the flooring type. If your dated gymnasium is cracking, slippery, or uneven, a modernized flooring improvement is the easiest way to transform your school. 

To protect your students from falls, joint injuries, and other common problems caused by unsafe surfaces, we have many options. While commonly known for outdoor fields and larger indoor soccer arenas, our indoor turf installations are a great addition to many custom floorplans. Our shock-resistant, soft, and highly resilient artificial grass varieties can be used for warm-up areas, practice spaces, or the entire arena if desired. Both low maintenance and built-to-last, keep joint-safe artificial turf in mind as you consider your new gym layout. 

Alongside the best turf varieties we carry, we have an impressive portfolio of rubberized and hard surface options. Rubberized solutions protect the underlying flooring and are a wonderful choice for exercise machines, gymnastics areas, and other spaces that could benefit from enhanced traction and shock resistance. For the rest of the gymnasium, we offer numerous hard styles and can integrate any preferred material type on your behalf. To compare our best solutions in detail, contact our experts at Keystone Sports Construction for a comprehensive material breakdown and helpful design recommendations today. 

The Best Accompanying Features for Every Gym Class

After improving or repairing your flooring, our pros at Keystone Sports Construction are your all-in-one allies for other safety and accessibility features. A popular choice for student safety and facility protection is netting. We can connect your school with mobile netting systems, permanent installations, and even barrier systems to keep the action contained. 

Other beneficial gym features we can design and install include: 

  • Improved lighting designs
  • Accessible hydration stations
  • Turf-pellet containment systems
  • A recovery area for stretching and rest
  • Bleachers and other fan-ready features for games and events
  • & Anything else you need for a better gymnasium! 

Our full-service contractors go above and beyond with every project. However innovative or ambitious your gym facility dreams may be, our professionals provide collaborative and cost-saving guidance throughout every phase. For a free design consultation or more information about our best flooring solutions, contact our experts and discover the many ways we can add lasting value to your gymnasium today!