Turf and track care are simplified when your facility makes routine upkeep a habit during the off-season! Now that the cleats are off the field, it’s time to evaluate the integrity of your surfaces, make essential repairs before issues progress, and prime your arena for the successful tournament season ahead. 

After decades of artificial turf and track experience, our turf field maintenance pros have seen it all. From turf edge-lifting to misused track surfaces, the first step in drafting a cost-saving repair plan is a professional investigation during the off-season. If you need to make any necessary repairs, this is also a great time to improve your facility with other quality-of-life features for enhanced playability, aesthetic style, or guest-friendly field accessibility. If we identify any safety or playability issues while evaluating your space, here are some of the worthwhile repair services we can help you with. 

Turf Repairs Improve Traction & Prevent Injury

If you made the cost-saving switch to artificial turf, you are already aware that there are fewer maintenance and repair considerations. Despite the lower overall maintenance requirements, even the strongest of turfs can still be damaged and must be properly repaired before a player is hurt or the quality of your playing surface diminishes. 

From torn sections to plant overgrowth that’s compromising the edges of your field, here are some of the field-saving ways we repair artificial turf and optimize surfaces: 

  • Infill leveling to even the playing surface and restore the joint-protective infill benefits
  • Seam repairs to minimize splitting/rupturing and player tripping hazards
  • Turf grooming and cleaning to remove loose fibers, natural contaminants, and any trash or athletic gear that could damage your valuable field
  • Sectional replacements for high-traffic, aged, and/or frayed sections that have lost their original surface integrity
  • & More repair services that are tailored to your facility’s specific surface needs

Running Track Care is Simplified With Keystone Sports Construction

From the starting line to the properly-cared-for edges, our running track specialists know how to prevent minor problems from transforming into expensive and lengthy replacement projects. In most track-damage situations, only a section of track or the upper layer of the track surface needs care. For example, if certain sections of the surface have faded with time and extensive use, we can restore your track’s surface consistency and foot traction with affordable running track resurfacing. Engineered to handle spikes, high-intensity friction, and 100% impermeable to the elements, our superior surface coatings can dramatically extend the lifespan and maximize the utility of your track surfaces. 

In addition, our track resurfacing services can include complete support for track essentials like line striping and other track features. For instance, if you want to design a versatile stretching and warm up area, our supportive contractors can complement all resurfacing projects with a budget-friendly turf area for joint-safe athletics and gametime prep.  

For a facility inspection or repair quote, contact our pros at Keystone Sports Construction for friendly assistance today!