Athletes, attendees, and even your staff members can benefit from proactive facility preparation! From reliable player safety to ease of facility management, there’s a lot to consider and take care of before practices and games begin. 

After assisting countless facilities across the country with their pre-season improvements, here are some of our key takeaways for optimized facility success. To avoid unexpected, inconvenient, and hazardous issues that can interfere with the game or guest comfort, incorporate these practical ideas into your preparations and improve the experience for everyone in attendance. 

Clean & Care For Your Facility’s Fundamentals

One of the cheapest and most effective steps is to clean your space! If your indoor turf installation is stained or odorous, deep cleaning will refresh the style, eliminate bacteria, and help restore surface consistency. Along with an artificial grass wash, consider doing the same for all other field features such as the netting, tempered glass, and wall panels to establish a more welcoming, functional, and hygienic arena. 

Other important facility features to clean and care for include: 

  • Ventilation & lighting care: Cleaning your ducts, filters, and fans can improve air quality and reduce musty odors. Before the season starts, also be sure to replace any malfunctioning bulbs or install brighter lighting in any dim areas of your facility. 
  • High-touch areas: Ensure that your maintenance or janitorial team is regularly sanitizing door handles, light switches, handrails, and other microbial hotspots. 
  • Ticket, concession, and seating areas: Countertops, kitchen equipment, and the overall cleanliness of your guest areas can make or break your concession sales and the perception of your facility.
  • All sports equipment: If you rent gear or maintain your field equipment, it’s imperative to keep these items in great shape. When the gear you provide works well, visiting teams and paying guests are more likely to come and play again. 

Refresh Signage, Striping, & Other Visual Aids Around the Facility

Another low-cost (but highly impactful) seasonal refresh project involves restriping and touch-ups throughout the facility. If logos or the wall boards around the arena were scuffed or damaged during the previous season, a cheap coat of paint or new logo applications can do wonders for the aesthetic of your facility. If your field’s striping is fading or missing in sections, our striping services can elevate your field with brighter lines, a new logo, and customize your easy-to-see indicators for multiple sports. 

Off the field, also consider touch-ups and additional signage in useful areas near the seating and walkways to help your guests navigate the facility or traverse the steps more safely. The simple addition of a few guiding arrows, reflective stair strips, and better bathroom indicators can lead to an improved guest experience. 

Organize Practice & Game Scheduling in Advance

To ensure smooth and stress-free operation when the season starts, organizing a well-defined tournament and practice schedule can be a great way to maximize field use and minimize guest frustrations. How you allocate your field schedule depends on how your field will be used, but in general, clearly defining your hours of availability and allocating timeslots for certain teams, free play, and other events is a great way to keep your guests and local teams informed and happy to use your facility. 

Repair or Replace the Turf Field if Necessary

Does your turf installation meet your highest standards for safety, surface consistency, and visual appeal? If sections of your turf are damaged or the infill levels are low, our affordable maintenance and repair services can help you restore the like-new performance of any turf type. 

If the damage is extensive, our artificial turf replacement experts offer a range of high-performance turf styles featuring enhanced shock absorption. Whether you’re hoping to optimize traction, improve player safety, or elevate your facility’s style, our customized turf systems combine value, performance, and durability for unparalleled indoor athletics.