An investment in reliable netting protects your fans and keeps the action where it’s supposed to be – on the field, not in the bleachers. Preventing a single fan injury instantly justifies a sports net installation, making this an essential addition to any facility that features high-velocity sporting like tennis, soccer, baseball, or hockey. 

Fortunately, many of the latest netting systems provide both reliable ball containment and uninterrupted visibility. Available in a variety of netting styles and installation options, it’s also easier than ever to find sports fence netting that complements your facility’s exact aesthetic and safety requirements. 

To make the most of your facility’s netting upgrade, follow these helpful planning tips and optimize your arena without going over budget.

Determine Your Facility’s Priority Netting Needs

Before lining every square foot of the arena with netting, you may be able to minimize your total netting costs by focusing on strategic areas of placement. For example, a single baseball backstop net may be all that your outdoor diamond needs to operate safely. While beneficial additions like fencing and netting around the outfield may be helpful, prioritizing your facility’s highest areas of risk will ensure that you have the necessary funds for the essentials first. 

Research the Best Options for Your Venue

After identifying your netting needs, a thorough analysis of the available netting types will help you craft a concise budgetary outline. With varieties ranging from nylon to polyester in all types of weave patterns, many netting types provide overlapping support for several different sports. While researching the best netting options for your venue, ask our contractors about: 

  • Which netting options are the most resistant to tears, separation, and fraying?
  • Which netting types are the best for improved player and fan visibility?
  • What is involved with the installation and maintenance of various netting types?
  • How can we customize your netting experience and preserve your budget? We offer portable, permanent, and mixed netting solutions that are individually adapted to each safe and budget-friendly facility improvement. 

To help you find the right option for your facility’s specific needs, our informative experts will walk you through the best sport netting types for your budget and safety needs. Our full-service netting solutions are perfect for field exteriors, comprehensive seating protection, and even mid-court upgrades like high-visibility netting protection between each tennis, basketball, or pickleball court.  

Budget for Upfront Installation & Future Maintenance Needs

During our helpful consultations, all available netting options come with transparent and upfront estimates. Depending on the netting type that’s right for your facility, we’ll outline anticipated upkeep costs and help you prepare for the future with material-specific maintenance tips to protect and prolong the life of your netting. 

Already have a net installed and need an affordable repair? Our all-inclusive sports netting solutions are available for cost-saving replacements, ongoing facility maintenance, and purposeful netting additions if you want to protect your facility’s reputation with an ultra-durable net alongside the concessions, bleachers, or sidelines.