While many turf owners can attest to the fact that it is remarkably resilient and long-lasting, proper maintenance is still a priority if you hope to maximize the lifespan of your synthetic grass. Fortunately, artificial turf maintenance is relatively straightforward and requires a few simple upkeep habits. With these valuable tips to get the most out of your turf, you’ll be ready to hit the field with confidence. 

Prevent Damage to the Mesh Fabric

To preserve the mesh fabric that holds the grass fibers in place, do your best to keep the turf debris free. By remaining vigilant and removing problematic sticks, leaves, and other items from the grass, you are preventing potential structural damage to the underlying fabric. Snagged sticks and other items caught underneath cleats can penetrate the fabric, causing weakness and loose patches that expose the turf bed. 

Keep the Surface Chemical and Waste Free

Animal waste, certain cleaning chemicals, and other substances can tarnish the fibers and damage the consistency and color of your field. While certain chemicals may not destroy the structural integrity of your turf, they will oftentimes create unsavory discoloration. If animals happen to prefer your high-quality turf for self relief, be sure to clean up any messes as quickly as possible and maintain a pet-free zone for your facilities.

Clear Perimeter Weeds and Growths

While most turf layouts successfully prevent problematic weeds from sprouting midfield, overgrowths along the perimeter of your artificial grass can undermine the integrity of your turf. Regular weed removal and plant trimming along the edges is a simple preventative measure that goes a long way for preserving your turf.

Groom the Turf

Using a grooming machine to gently clean dirt and other exposed debris safely. This offers safer maintenance and cleaning practices. This process evens out uneven tread wear and keeps the fibers properly aligned for consistent footing across the entire field. If you don’t own a grooming machine you can contact our professionals to help maintain the field.

Hiring a professional turf company for regular maintenance is an affordable option if you have a large field or just don’t feel like dealing with it regularly. If you have done your absolute best to protect your turf with proper field maintenance, and your turf is still lacking in performance or is beyond repair, it may be time for a turf replacement