The noticeable upsides of turf like added player safety, consistent surface traction, and multi-sport playability also lead to increased competition for the field! If your new soccer or football field installation continues to rise in popularity, it may be time to implement some strategic field-use plans so everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy the space! 

Create an Inclusive Schedule That Benefits Everyone

Organizing a well-structured schedule that accommodates every team at your school or private facility is a smart decision for several reasons. First, when each team has an allocated time slot, your facility becomes an inclusive space that is welcoming to all. Now more than ever, demonstrating fairness and acceptance of others is essential, and doing so will prime your arena to stand out as a welcoming space to practice, rent, and host competitions. 

Next, organizing a predetermined schedule ensures that all teams have a fair amount of time on the field. This can minimize conflicts, ensure that field time is used productively, and prevent certain teams from monopolizing the space. 

Consider a League or Field Rental Packages

If there are more teams than you can fairly host with standard scheduling, or your arena is exclusively available to paying teams, you can develop a plan that prioritizes teams who are in the league and those who pay to reserve the space. Whether you go with a first-come-first system, or you allocate a certain portion of the day for field rental time, leagues, and/or a cost to use the field can promote field fairness for teams and guests alike. 

Support Your Teams With a Transparent Field Calendar

Make the most of your artificial grass installation for soccer fields by providing an updated field calendar for all. When a time slot is booked or allocated, update your event calendar and post the latest time slot entries for every team to see. If a team cancels their practice or reschedules a game, your informative calendar will make it easier for other teams to adjust their timeline and fill the slot if desired. 

Consider Field Time Enforcement Strategies

All of the best field-fairness plans only work if you can enforce the allocated times. If you already own a monitored facility, managing the field times will be a simple transition. If you own an outdoor venue without staff, you may need to collaborate with coaches to establish a schedule-based agreement. For other variable situations, like fields that are open to the public and available for rent, you may need to invest in a gated access system, field staff, or signage indicating that your field will be reserved at certain times. 

By creating an inclusive atmosphere, organizing field-use priority, and empowering all teams with a communicative approach to scheduling, the athletes and your facility win. For other practical tips to bring out the best in your turf, contact our experts at Keystone Sports Construction and improve your facility today!