A synthetic turf looks as good as regular grass that is grown naturally. However, not all synthetic products are maintenance free. Not all maintenance products are effective at keeping your turf clean and stable. Here are some common tips on how to maintain your synthetic turf in the highest condition.


Although it doesn’t seem like artificial grass needs any water, it’s still common to see irrigation systems on turf fields. Set up a routine schedule for watering. Avoid watering too much as it leaves the ground over-saturated.


Keep the pathway to the turf field clean at all times. Avoid planting turf near dirt paths. It’s easy for people to drag their feet and get mud all over the field.

Removal of Litter

After a big sports game that is attended by hundreds of people, a sports field has some residue of litter that’s been left behind. Make sure that all of the trash is picked up. Place trash containers in easy-to-reach places for everyone’s use.


Brush the surface of your turf regularly to remove dirt and debris. This is similar to sweeping the floor. Brushing helps to straighten the grass fibers and even out the infill levels. Make sure the bristles are firm, but not harsh to prevent damaging the fibers.

The Infill Levels

The infill acts as a cushion that’s placed underneath the grass. Check the infill levels to ensure a solid, even surface. If athletes use the field often, some parts of a cushion may be flatter or deeper than other parts.

Joints and Seams

The joints and seams are where sections are joined together. It’s easier for these parts to tear apart and increase the risks of tripping.

Maintenance Schedule

Set up a routine schedule for maintaining your lawn. Hire reliable workers to inspect the lawn, perform repairs and clean using safe, effective products. Eventually, your turf will reach the end of its lifespan, but the lifespan is prolonged only if you maintain it often.

Mowing a regular lawn is necessary to keep it under control. Likewise, maintaining an artificial lawn is necessary to keep it in good condition. Along with proper maintenance, there are other factors like weather and age that affect the appearance of your lawn. You’re responsible for maintaining your artificial lawn to keep it looking good for as long as possible. Keystone Sports Construction is who you need to go to for the best selections of turf and maintenance products.