Upgrading your facility with comfortable amenities, safer features, and stylish aesthetics adds lasting value to your venue in a variety of impactful ways. When the quality of your facility exceeds the expectations of athletes and impresses every guest in attendance, it’s only natural that neighboring teams, repeat visitors, and home players will look forward to each and every upcoming event. Both cost-effective and easy to incorporate, here are five of our most popular facility add-ons to promote a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable experience for all. 

1. Establish a Memorable Visual Appeal

As the fans’ primary focal point, the appearance of your field is an important aesthetic element to consider. With natural grass or dirt fields, the logos never seem to stay for long, inconsistencies across the playing surface look unprofessional, and visual reference points like field boundaries and distance markings can be difficult for both attendees and athletes to see. Don’t let these visual (and player safety) issues affect the experience at your facility; our turn-key turf field and artificial court installations look stunning and last for years of high-intensity athletics. 

If you already have a turf installation, but the color has faded or the surface has lost its original traction or rebounding characteristics, we also offer the best turf replacement services in the industry. To establish that memorable visual appeal, we can elevate your facility with vibrant grass colors, bright logos, and line work, and even offer beautiful artificial grass styles that look and feel more like natural grass.  

2. Add Facility Safety Features 

Equally as important as the field’s style and quality, we offer several facility-specific safety considerations to protect both fans and athletes alike. Cost-effective solutions like post pads and safety netting around the soccer arena and baseball diamond are easy to install and affordable. If you’re opting for the turf installation or replacement mentioned above, we can even equip your facility with shock-resistant turf designs that protect players’ joints and reduce the likelihood of injury when sliding, tackling, or diving. 

3. Refresh the Surfaces

If your underlying field or court material is still in good shape, sometimes a refinishing or repair is the best solution. Our surface remediation professionals can resurface and polish everything from indoor basketball courts to tennis courts and will leave your surface smooth and blemish-free for improved player traction and a visually attractive finish. 

4. Consider Turf in Other Areas

Whether you’re updating an indoor or outdoor arena, the addition of foot-traffic-friendly turf establishes a relaxed and natural-feeling atmosphere throughout the entirety of your space. We can install artificial turf in Virginia Beach around the concession areas, in player warm-up areas, or anywhere else that could benefit from our easy-to-maintain artificial grass. 

5. Find Customized Add-Ons 

From improved seating layouts and concession accessibility to help you define a more cohesive theme for your field or court, our experienced field developers will gladly connect you with a range of customizable options that harmonize with your specific facility goals.