Even the toughest turf systems require ongoing vigilance and care. Essential for athletic safety, surface performance, and the overall aesthetic of your arena, the quality of your field care can make or break the game. Fortunately, achieving predictable gametime performance is as simple as organizing a preventative maintenance and field care plan. 

But, how can you maintain a proactive upkeep plan during the busy practice and tournament schedule? Even with back-to-back games and daily practices, many of the most critical field care tasks can be completed in minutes. To remain a step ahead of the majority of issues, follow these artificial turf care and maintenance tips and prepare for a successful season! 

Organize a List & Track All Maintenance Duties Performed

The best outcomes begin with better planning. Developing a concise maintenance schedule is imperative, especially if you have multiple field maintenance personnel performing overlapping duties. Prepare your team for success by creating an itemized checklist that is clearly displayed in the maintenance shop or storage area. 

Divided into sections for daily, weekly, and longer-term upkeep tasks, here are some key tasks to include in your maintenance plan: 

  • Daily:
    • Trash and debris removal
    • Basic field inspection
    • Spot cleaning and spill cleanup
    • Gentle brushing/raking
  • Weekly:
    • Weed and perimeter growth management
    • Infill redistribution to heavy traffic areas
    • Thorough inspection of all seams and surfaces 
    • Drainage inspection/clear any debris or blockages from drainage channels 
  • Monthly/Annually:
    • Professional field inspection
    • Deep cleaning/grooming of all surfaces
    • Infill refills and shock-absorption testing
    • Sectional repairs/turf reseating if necessary
    • Restriping if necessary

Organizing a straightforward checklist like this will prevent double-work and ensure that all key tasks are being accomplished. Of course, the tasks in this outline can vary significantly, and depending on the climate, extent of use, and quality of the turf, your overall maintenance requirements and timeline may shift. 

For assistance with a detailed maintenance and repair plan, our artificial turf specialists at Keystone Sports Construction specialize in all-things turf related. We will gladly help you create a step-by-step plan with consideration for your budget, maintenance capabilities, and long-term facility goals. 

Time Your Care Around Practice & Game Time

While maximizing turf longevity and aesthetic appeal are great reasons to improve your maintenance plan, player safety will always be the number one priority. To ensure your facility is a step ahead of safety issues, it is best to schedule priority maintenance tasks around the practice and game schedule. 

For example, if you are hosting a weekend tournament that starts mid-day, ensure that your daily grooming, inspection, and clean-up tasks are performed before the game. By clearing debris proactively, you prevent potential tripping hazards and protect the field from objects that can snag and tear the base turf layers. For other common issues, such as minor tears or inconsistent infill levels, a quick raking or seam tape patch job is a simple way to prevent small issues from progressing. 

Find a Contractor That Can Handle Larger Maintenance & Repair Need Efficiently

During peak football season, closing your facility for repair and maintenance tasks is often unrealistic. Whether your turf is lifting, you need a sectional repair, or your infill levels need to be topped-off to restore player safety, our artificial football turf experts are here to keep your practice and tournament schedule on time. 

Our responsive pros strive to provide the most accessible field care in the industry. Our sports field contractors can manage the majority of field care tasks in a single visit, providing swift and comprehensive upkeep whenever there’s a gap in the football schedule. 

Not sure where to begin with your maintenance, repair, or replacement plan? Our dedicated contractors provide full-service indoor and outdoor turf support. We can assist with any turf type, any field size, and manage all aspects of the plan for cost efficiency and optimal surface performance simplified.