Depending on the budget, location, and needs of your facility, there are many reasons to consider investing in a turf field instead of keeping up with natural field maintenance. Rather than purchasing new lawn maintenance equipment, hiring additional field staff, or installing a new sprinkler system, an artificial turf field installation is a realistic solution to a variety of common problems associated with natural sporting fields. 

Turf has earned a reputation in the sporting world as one of the most versatile player surfaces available. Turf fields increase player safety, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and transform inconsistent terrain into highly sought-after practice and tournament surfaces. With a ton of colors, grass types, and surface performance characteristics available, you can easily customize a field that meets and exceeds all of your athletes’ demands.  

Turf & Soccer Are Meant to Be

From injury prevention and high-speed directional changes to years of durability and aesthetic appeal, turf is the ultimate investment to improve your facilities’ soccer capabilities. Designed for soccer athletes at the professional level, turf offers uncompromising durability and surface consistency. When responsive traction is needed, high-impact slide tackles are a factor, and players want a field they can proudly call home, a natural field will never compare when performance and aesthetic qualities are the priority. 

Since turf is primarily designed to improve sports performance, you can expect a range of built-in benefits when you partner with a soccer turf company to upgrade your facility, such as: 

  • Durable Fiber Systems: Modern turf can stand up to rigorous daily use and includes weather-resistant materials for years of consistent traction. 
  • Simplified Maintenance: No need to water, hire lawn maintenance crews, or regularly respray logos/lines; with turf, occasional raking, perimeter growth clearing, and removal of foreign objects is all you need to maintain a beautiful soccer field. 
  • Visual Benefits: Nothing attracts sports fans and other teams like a pristine and clean turf field. Our quality turf selections feature vibrant grass fibers, are easy to keep clean and will impress every guest in attendance. Along with the naturally good-looking turf, turf retains logos and lines better than traditional grass. 
  • Easier Installation: Our turf installation company offers complete project management from start to finish. If you’re considering a turf field upgrade, you can expect our experienced team to easily prepare your field with everything from drainage system installation to ongoing maintenance for the life of your field. 

Discuss Turf Field Options for Your Facility

Updating your field is a wise investment for the future of your facility. Improved player safety, reduced maintenance expenses, and a growing list of advantages over traditional grass fields make turf the obvious choice. If you’re interested in learning more about the many ways your facility could benefit from a turf field installation, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professional field contractors at Keystone Sports Construction for all of the details.