If you’re considering a field renovation, take the time to research the best surface options, plan for ongoing expenses, and consider the tips below to proactively prepare for project success. While in the planning phase, you’ll want to think about field location, expected return on investment, and audience requirements for a field design that accounts for every detail. Before moving forward with any major facility enhancement, check out these five ideas to make the most of your upcoming investment. 

Where is the Field Located? 

Whether you have plans for a large outdoor field or want to build a compact indoor arena, you’ll want to find an artificial turf field installation company that can professionally manage any sized space. Factors like your budget, the type of sports activities the field will be used for, and how many fans will be in attendance are important considerations to keep in mind as you plan the parameters of your space.

Ideally, your field installation should be centrally located and easily accessible to teams and groups of fans. With an aesthetically pleasing and centrally located field, your facility will draw players and attendees from across town and will become a mainstay for quality sports events within the region.

Turf Provides a Long-Term Return on Investment

While investing in an artificial turf field may cost more initially, your facility stands to generate a significant return on investment over traditional grass and dirt options. Turf is easier to maintain and reduces utility expenses; your facility doesn’t need to hire lawn crews, full-time maintenance staff, or pay ongoing water bills. With basic maintenance and upkeep, your players will experience consistent traction, safer rebounding materials, and the field’s aesthetic will last for years of improved player performance.  

Field Rental Potential

Along with the cost-savings over lawn maintenance and utilities, a turf installation provides a unique opportunity to generate field rental income. Smaller schools and facilities may not have the ability to invest in a turf field but would love the chance to practice and host tournaments at your space. Take advantage of this opportunity by contracting the field out while simultaneously offering teams a safer, more reliable, and more affordable location to practice and play. 

Discover Versatile Material Options

Modern turf installations are fully adaptable to a range of sports. Unlike grass or dirt fields, advances in turf technology provide greater durability, greatly reduce player injuries, and can be designed to replicate the look and feel of natural grass fields. You can host multiple different types of sports on one field, with adaptable striping available for whatever teams will be using the field. 

Design a Field With Fans in Mind

A professional turf installation company will help you design a layout that improves the experience for everyone in attendance. Thanks to the built-in durability and lasting colors of modern turf, your field will remain vibrant, consistent, and be the perfect place to host vendors, concessions, and larger audiences with ease.