Invaluable benefits like improved player safety and an attractive field aesthetic are worthwhile reasons to make routine field improvement and maintenance a priority. From the outfield to the bleachers, the details matter, and our experts at Keystone Sports Construction are here to assist with all phases of your build or update project! If you’re dealing with muddy natural grass, damaged netting, or other common issues like fading striping, here are a few of the multipurpose solutions we provide for our baseball facility partners. 

Optimize Your Surfaces

Our affordable baseball diamond improvement services start with a better playing foundation. Before investing in luxury concession updates or a new scoreboard, have you evaluated your playing surfaces lately? Do they look good and promote optimal player safety? We specialize in all things artificial turf baseball fields, and will gladly help you upgrade or care for your surfaces if they need some attention.

With our modern turf improvements, we can help your facility achieve: 

  • Lower-cost operations: Turf requires less labor, minimizes utility expenses, and comes in a range of affordable styles. 
  • Improved safety: Our impact-absorbing turf styles can save your players from serious injuries like concussions and broken bones. When diving for a flyball, landing on forgiving turf is much better than crashing into a patch of hardened dirt and rocks. 
  • Better foot traction: Leave the mud and slippery grass conditions behind when you make the switch to turf. Modern turf dries quickly, providing predictable foot traction and minimizing a myriad of surface issues like dangerous potholes and slipping hazards.
  • A tailored aesthetic: Our appealing turf varieties, colors, and precision striping services make it easy to create a refined field look. Browse our gallery of past projects at Keystone Sports Construction and preview the professional quality we have to offer.

Maximize Fan Safety With Netting

Improving your facility with a customized baseball backstop net is another great way to incorporate safety and style into your facility. We offer an adaptable variety of backstop and wrap-around netting solutions for any field type, ensuring complete Beacher, concession, and dugout coverage with our high-visibility netting styles. 

Avoiding a single fan injury is more than enough reason to improve your netting infrastructure or make repairs. Preventing life-threatening accidents and potential medical lawsuits are the main priorities, but superior netting also improves the quality of game time. Instead of chasing foul balls and home-run hits, our ultra-tough netting solutions can handle anything your players throw or hit at them.  

Improve Your Field With A Better Maintenance Plan

Even if you already have a great turf or netting installation, our responsive professionals are here to keep your field in pristine condition. We can help you with sectional repairs, turf reseating, and other routine upkeep needs like infill leveling and net patching.

Unsure where to begin with your field project? Our informative contractors are here to help you identify the best improvement ideas. Contact our team for personalized recommendations and a field-care estimate today!