Keeping Synthetic Turf in Pristine Condition

If you’re thinking about using synthetic turf in your next sports arena or stadium, then you may wonder how long it will last. Is it cheaper than using traditional grass? While synthetic turf fields may be more expensive to install, it will ultimately be cheaper than traditional grass fields. This is because grass fields need to be prepared after every match. Sometimes those repairs are extensive. A synthetic turf field only needs a few repairs now and then due to its high durability. At Keystone Sports Construction, we offer high-quality synthetic turf. Here’s what you need to know about how long synthetic turf can last and what you can do to make it last even longer.

Average Lifespan

Most manufacturers give eight years as the lifespan of synthetic turf. However, certain high-quality materials can make synthetic turf last between 10 and 15 years. Its lifespan largely depends on the kind of wear that it sees and what arena owners do to repair the turf over time.

If you want to make your synthetic turf last as long as possible, here are a few methods on how to increase its lifespan.

Fasten Seams

Because synthetic turf is often installed in rows, they have seams. Over time, those seams can start to become noticeable. This is because the amount of wear on the turf can push the rows apart. As a result, the seams can form gaps.

You can do something to prevent that from happening. All you need to do is seal the seams after each match. In so doing, the seams will remain interlocked with one another.

Keep Harsh Chemicals Off the Field

Certain chemicals like gasoline and paint can seriously damage turf. For one, it can discolor it. Your synthetic turf may turn into a shade of color that doesn’t quite belong. It can also weaken the fabric beneath the turf. When the fabric weakens, it can start to fray or tear apart.

Replace Broken Meshes

It’s possible that during the game, a player might accidentally tear into the mesh with their shoe. If any mesh issues occur, they should be fixed immediately. The longer that mesh sits there without being repaired, the bigger the problem is going to become. A team of turf experts and installers should regularly walk the field after every game to find mesh that is ripped.

Order Your Turf Today

Using synthetic turf can be a great investment for your sports stadium. It lasts far longer than traditional grass and is cheaper in the long-run, as well. Contact our company for more information about making your turf last.