After making the smart decision to upgrade your natural grass to a turf field, you might be wondering how to extend the life of your versatile new field. Fortunately, turf is one of the easiest materials to care for. With these simple tips to extend the life of your artificial turf, your athletes can enjoy their enhanced surface for years to come! 

  1. Regularly Remove Debris From the Surface

Debris removal is the simplest proactive measure you can take to protect the surface integrity of your turf. Sticks, miscellaneous objects, and other debris can become trapped in the woven turf fabric. These objects can damage the surface if left unchecked, potentially causing uneven sections of turf and hazards for athletes. By regularly removing objects and debris from the turf surface, you can easily protect your players and prolong the life of your turf. 

  1. Protect the Perimeter and Remove Growths

Another great way to protect your turf field is by tending to perimeter growths. While small weeds and plants may not seem like a big deal, perimeter growths can encroach on the turf edges and create inconsistencies in the field’s surface. Fortunately, turf is designed to resist growth from within, but if there are any damaged patches of turf, make sure that you remove anything sprouting from these areas as soon as possible! 

  1. Gentle Raking and Fluffing Maintains Surface Performance

Using a soft rake (no metal or heavy-duty rakes!), carefully fluff the surface, especially along highly trafficked areas. This process helps to align the fibers for consistent surface performance while having the added bonus of gently removing any overlooked debris that may have become trapped in the turf fibers. 

  1. Avoid Areas Prone to Flooding

It’s important to consider your location prior to field installation. Thanks to modern turf drainage systems, normal amounts of precipitation aren’t a problem, but it’s necessary to avoid field installation in areas that could experience an excessive amount of precipitation. If you’re not sure about your field location, it’s important that you partner with an experienced turf installation contractor. They can help you with selecting the perfect location, and carefully engineer drainage systems designed to protect your field’s foundation. 

  1. Consider Professional Turf Maintenance Services

Our professional athletic turf maintenance company is an amazing advocate for prolonging the life of your turf field. We can quickly evaluate your field’s condition, repair damaged sections, and will gladly share our years of seasoned turf knowledge with you so you can enjoy your turf field for years to come!