Thanks to the incredible versatility of turf, maximizing your field’s potential to support a range of fun, healthy, and competitive activities are easily accomplished. With an array of customizable surface options like color, joint-protective infills, and tailored grass styles, an honest evaluation of your priority needs will guide your plans toward the right upgrade. 

Applicable for new field developments and cost-efficient renovation projects alike, here are some helpful ideas to consider while coordinating a beautiful and functional improvement for your school. 

Find a Turf Style That Aligns With Your Priority Objectives

Successful turf selection is as simple as pairing the various turf properties with your plans for the field. For instance, if you are building a practice field for high-impact football practice, finding turf with greater durability and shock absorption should take precedence over purely aesthetic choices. On the flip side, if you are hoping to highlight the visual appeal of your artificial grass installation in NJ for tournaments and paid events, installing a turf that looks and feels more like natural grass can elevate the experience for players and fans alike. 

Fortunately, many modern turf options provide an even balance of player safety, stylish customization, and rugged durability so minimal compromise is required. Even if your school is working with a modest budget, many of our most affordable turf blends provide years of predictable surface performance.

Prepare the Field for Multiple Sports

After installing any of our multipurpose turfs, finalizing your field design with clearly-defined striping and logos can open up the possibilities for your space. Instead of installing multiple fields for a variety of sports, our innovative linework provides vivid markings for combination fields.

This multi-sporting approach is especially worthwhile if your school is working with limited space. If this is the case for your facility, our experienced contractors will gladly help you find a turf that provides: 

  • A consistent foot feel
  • Balanced joint protection
  • Ease of care
  • Enhanced longevity

Proactive Field Maintenance is Essential

As important as choosing the correct surface type, dedicated artificial turf care and maintenance is the easiest way to maintain peak performance and surface safety. Even professional-grade turfs require routine upkeep, and we specialize in resolving surface damage and inconsistencies before costly or injury-inducing surface issues arise.

Whether you’re in the initial field planning phases or you’re searching for a responsive team to keep your field in great shape, our expertise in field design, turf selection, and affordable follow-up care equal project peace of mind. 

For detailed turf comparisons, a transparent project estimate, or assistance with any other arena-related need, get in touch with our pros at Keystone Sports Construction and we’ll help you bring out the best in your facility’s field today.