How much time do you lose to weather impacting your sports fields in New Jersey and other areas of the Northeast? NJ and the surrounding areas are well known for experiencing all of the seasons and their extreme weather conditions throughout the year, which can wear and tear on traditional grass fields. Installing artificial turf in NY, NJ, and other parts of the Northeast can benefit all sports teams because it doesn’t need a long recovery time from inclement weather like grass fields do.

Synthetic Turf Installation in New Jersey

No matter what sports are played at your facility, you could benefit from the installation of synthetic turf. Synthetic turf installation can bring you more opportunities to use your fields during the harsh winters in New Jersey and the rest of the Northeast . Whether you are looking to create an indoor turf field, specialized fields for baseball, soccer or football, or simply looking to create multi-use artificial turf playing areas, there’s an option for you. Whether you are installing artificial turf in New Jersey, artificial turf in Philly, or really any other part of the country, the latest developments in synthetic turf create a more natural look and feel with the highest quality rubber infill used to keep your field looking nice and remaining true in terms of bounce and run.

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A little maintenance is required by your staff and volunteers to inspect the synthetic turf after installation to make sure there is no damage to your fields and the infill material remains spread evenly. The location and position of infill materials is your most important piece of maintenance as this can affect the future of the artificial turf.

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Best Artificial Turf Installation In NJ

Baseball turf is often one of the most popular turf installations in parts of the U.S. because of its large following and fanbase. The use of synthetic turf for a baseball field needs careful planning from our experts before and during installation to make sure it fits seamlessly into your sporting plans.

One of the most important uses of synthetic turf is the development of artificial football turf that provides an impressive way for you to keep your fields open throughout the long, hard winters in the Northeast. Sundays in NJ and other states are for watching and playing football. The high level of competition you will find for your football league will often lead to your grass fields struggling to keep up with the demands placed on them in combination with rain, snow, and ice that’s prevalent in New Jersey and the rest of the Northeast.

Traditional grass fields often struggle to cope with the extremes of weather conditions in New Jersey. Sometimes there are droughts, which will dry out and damage grass fields. Excessive rain can also occur, which will flood the fields. With artificial turf in New Jersey, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

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Artificial turf, also known to some as artificial grass, has many benefits over traditional grass fields. Since New Jersey experiences all four seasons and their weather extremes, turf can be beneficial for playing and practicing year round. That means you can play or practice in the rain without worrying about flooding or a muddy playing field.

Artificial grass also doesn’t need to be mowed or maintained like traditional grass does. Routine inspections and maintenance is typical for artificial grass, but it doesn’t require daily upkeep like traditional grass fields in NJ.

If you’re interested in artificial turf installation in New Jersey, contact Keystone Sports Construction today. We make the construction and installation process seamless and hassle-free. We also provide a long lasting warranty on our artificial turf fields. Upgrade your facility in NJ with our services today!

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