Few things are more satisfying than the look of a perfectly trimmed field.  But this image is often a fleeting one.  To maintain that appearance in your field all year long you’ll either need to hire a miracle worker or a specialist in artificial turf installation.  Fortunately one of those options is not only realistic, but easy to do.  It’s also one of the most financially sound decisions a field or gym owner could make.

Financial Benefits of Artificial Turf

  • Water bills – Unlike natural grass, artificial turf retains its pristine color no matter the season.  It’s also built to be UV resistant so it will not fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight.  The lovely green color will last for years on end with absolutely no effort from you.  No more sprinklers running in the summer or ugly paint on the grass in winter.
  • Durability – Artificial turf is made to last.  It has to be able to keep up with the demands of its owners and athletes.  Regular grass will develop erosion patterns over time if not tended to, whereas synthetic keeps its sturdy form no matter how rough the game gets.  Once installed it can last up to twenty years but it will retain its even, smooth surface.
  • No growth – Mowing the front lawn can be a tedious and time consuming process.  Mowing an entire field takes a substantially longer amount of time.  Artificial turf doesn’t need to be cut, it will stay at the length you choose when you purchase it.  There’s also no need to wait for any new grass to come in as you find with natural ground, which means more time on the field.
  • Low maintenance – Aside from mowing and watering, real grass needs fertilizer, pesticide, replanting, repair after damage from weather conditions, and inspecting for pests.  Artificial turf doesn’t require any of these things when installed professionally.  Less money will be spent on these additional tools and services, to say nothing of the time and energy spent using them. 
  • Self-sustaining – Artificial turf costs essentially cover themselves as they have an immense return of investment.  More frequent use out of them means more revenue, and a field that is always available means even more sources of revenue.  Aside from athletic events your fields can be rented out for marching bands, local festivals, and farmers markets.

To learn more about how turf installation not only saves you money but makes you money, contact Keystone Sports Construction.  We provide professional turf installation, replacement, and repair services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and along the east coast.