Planning ahead for sports facility protection, maintenance, and safer athletic amenities sets the stage for safer gameplay, improved guest relations, and longer-lasting facility materials. Appropriate for new facility planning and refined operations alike, take a look at these practical ideas to update and preserve the quality of your arena today.

Surface Care Equipment & Tips

Among the most valuable aspects of your arena, properly caring for your surfaces should be a priority. For athletic turf maintenance, surface care tools like soft rakes and brooms can be used to loosen and remove trapped dirt. If you manage hard courts, professional dry mops, surface-safe cleaning chemicals, and a floor buffing/waxing machine can prevent premature damage. 

To prevent trash, dirt, and debris from making it onto the court or turf, do your best to provide accessible waste bins. Absorbent mats near entryways can prevent dirty foot traffic. Display signage indicating that food and drinks other than water are prohibited on the playing surfaces. 

In general, all surfaces should be inspected and cleaned regularly by your maintenance team. For turf, it’s as simple as picking up trash and other debris. If your turf is outdoor, be sure to remove any growths that have sprouted up around the field’s perimeter. For hard courts, inspect the area for scuffs and other damage during your standard dry mopping/sweeping/waxing processes. If you notice significant damage to any of your surfaces, our pros at Keystone Sports Construction manage everything from hard-court resurfacing to comprehensive turf replacement and beyond. 

Install Facility Safety Features

Alongside ongoing maintenance care, proactive safety considerations can boost the longevity and playability of your facility. Especially important for outdoor fields, consider these important upgrades to prevent premature damage: 

  • Perimeter Fencing: Keep pests and potential field vandalism at bay with quality fencing and a security gate to secure the space.
  • Install Clear Signage: If your facility is accessible to the public or unattended during operational hours, be sure to invest in informative signage to outline your rules. Your signs should include hours, appropriate field or court use tips, and other important details like your no pet or food policy. 
  • Lighting & Netting: Protecting your athletes and fans happens naturally with built-in features like adequate lighting and netting. Every court or section of the field should be properly lit, and seating areas should be shielded from stray balls and equipment. 

Hire & Train the Right People

From the experience of your maintenance crew to the trainers you hire for tennis lessons, empowering your team with the resources they need is essential. Alongside hiring and training the right people, the contractor you choose to partner with is equally important. At Keystone Sports Construction, we can help you implement a variety of affordable safety features, and easier-to-care-for surface types, and are well-prepared to help you achieve operational success from the turf to the stands!